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Men's/boy's fashion

This poll will be a little tricky if you aren't a guy, because we ask about the wearer's experience. So, are you male?
I am years old. We sort a lot of data by age bracket so please be honest.
What level of interest do you take in fashion?
Fairly large
Not really, because I don't really care.
Not really, but I do care about how functional the clothes I wear are
This poll will have a lot to do with spring/summer items of clothing. If you haven't worn the particular item, still feel free to provide feedback of what you think is ideal.
SHORTS. How often do you wear shorts in the warmer months?
Every day
Most days
Once or twice a week
Not really or never
For casual day to day wear, how long would your shorts be?
Mid-thigh (like rugby shorts)
Above the knee
At the knee
Below the knee
I would prefer shorts this length because
Where do you prefer the top of your shorts to sit?
At the belly button/navel
Above the hips, but without the waistband of underwear showing
At the hips, low enough to show a waistband
How tight would be ideal for the shorts to fit?
Very baggy
Snugly (i.e. would hug your butt or legs)
UNDERWEAR. What style of underwear would you wear most often?
Boxer briefs (longer)
Trunks (shorter, almost square cut)
Bikini (or any briefs with sides less than the width of your hand)
If you wear briefs or bikini briefs even just occasionally, how many times a week would you wear them?
If one of these two styles is the one you wear most, why do your prefer them?
Would you say that this choice more related to:
I don't get a say but would wear them anyway
If i had it my way I would wear a different style
If you wear a longer style, why (or why not briefs)?
If you like, describe your ideal pair of underwear (such as cut, colour or pattern, and maybe a quick reason why)
SWIMWEAR. What style of swimwear do you wear most often?
Swim or "bermuda" shorts (that sit above the knee)
Square cut "trunks"
Speedos (briefs)
Anything briefer than speedos
Which of these would you say is most common wear you live in the general public?
Which of these is most common wear you live among youth (teens or 20s)?
Which of these is most common where you live among school-aged kids?
And which one do you think the phrase "fashion-forward" best describes?
If you wear brief-style swimwear at all, you wear them on their own times out of 10 when you swim, and/or times/10 under other swimwear.
If you wear brief-style swimwear at all, what features do you look out for when buying a new pair (could be cut, colour/pattern, fabric, functional advantages)? Alternatively, what would your ideal pair look like?
If a guy's fashion based swim/casual wear brand in your area marketed some new products, which would you consider buying for yourself or someone else?
Solid colour mid thigh casual shorts
Patterned mid thigh casual shorts
Underwear, made from a lycra based blend fabric that could double as a swimsuit, in a squarecut/trunk/boxer brief style
The same underwear, in a brief style
Regular brief style underwear
Regular brief style swimsuit
Swim/casual shorts with a liner similar to the swim/underwear described above
And if not for you, who for and their age bracket (30s, 20s, teens, kids etc.)?
If there are any suggestions or comments you'd like to make about the clothing in the previous questions, particularly any situations where they'd best be worn, or any improvements on these ideas, list them here.
And finally, what country are you from?
This poll was created on 2017-01-31 02:30:03 by tyrmktg