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Social Influence

The purpose of this poll is to gather data on the influence of others in decision making, integrity, and self-esteem.
How do you find out about current events locally, nationally, and globally?
I keep up with current events myself, using primary sources such as newspapers, news broadcasts, the internet, and/or social media posts
I do not actively hunt for information, but often hear about things from friends, family, and/or teachers
How likely are you to tell friends and/or family about things you find interesting or are passionate about?
Most likely
Moderately likely
Hesitantly, it depends on who you tell
Highly unlikely
If a friend or family member is in some kind of trouble, would you take risks and/or break rules in order to help them out?
Depends on which friend or family member
Depends on the consequences
Absolutely not
When it comes to self-image and identity, you...
already have a clear idea of who you are and what your style is, and are not planning to change for anyone
rely on the opinions of others to adapt your style and identity according to trends or social movements
rely on the opinions of only those closest to you; you couldn't care less about what anyone else thinks
When it comes to meeting new people, you...
tend to meet people on your own, be it expected or unexpected
do not make an effort to meet others, but are often introduced through friends and family
tend to shy away from meeting people in general
If in some kind of trouble, how would you go about dealing with it?
Rough through it alone, to avoid burdening others or because it is too personal
Seek help from others, either directly or indirectly
Try to resolve it yourself first, but will go to others if you fail repeatedly
When having trouble deciding between multiple options, how would you go about finding a solution?
Get feedback from others to help nudge you in a certain direction
Leave it up to a coin toss or similar decision-making devices
Thoroughly research for information on your options and make thoughtful comparisons
How likely are you to try out new things recommended by friends or family?
Most likely
Moderately likely
Only if it's something you are interested in
Highly unlikely
This poll was created on 2017-01-26 19:48:20 by Nick Starkey