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Shoe Dangling Ladies From New Jersey

I am a HUGE SHOE DANGLING FAN. I ALSO Live in New Jersey.I would Love to find Friendly Ladies from New Jersey who DANGLE THEIR SHOE OFF THE END OF THEIR FOOT. My Email is shoedanglefan@gmail.com.
If I offered to buy you a DRINK or COFFEE if you would DANGLE YOUR SHOE OFF THE END OF YOUR FOOT,for awhile, Would You Dangle Your Shoe?
Where would be your favorite place to Dangle Your Shoe?
How would I go about asking you to Dangle Your Shoe off your foot ? Buy you a Drink, Pay You,or Another Way?
Where would be the Best Place to Meet You,where you would VERY HAPPILY Dangle Your Shoe? A Public Place,PLEASE.
I would LOVE to Massage Your Foot while your shoe is Dangling. Would you agree to this? What would it take to let me massage your foot,while your shoe is dangling?
Have you ever Dangled Your Shoe to STRUMMING BANJO MUSIC ?? Would you ever Dangle to STRUMMING BANJO MUSIC ?
This poll was created on 2017-02-05 20:11:02 by shoedanglefan