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Female-Led Relationships - Girls / Women ONLY Please!

Current research shows that women are now dominant in education and the workplace. Also, research is now showing that women are in charge of the marriage or other relationship, including female Heads-of-Household at the rate of 70%-80%. I am trying to learn what our Female-let relationships look like in the Norm - what Female Dominance looks like in daily life. If you are a girl/woman, thank you for taking this poll.
What is your gender?
Male (please move on to results, and message me if you want a similar poll for men)
What is your age Please?
If you are in just a dating relationship or have a steady boyfriend, how dominant are you in the relationship?
I am completely dominant - he submits to my leadership and I have the final say in everything, even though I may delegate certain decisions and responsibilities to him.
I am mostly dominant - I lead the relationship, but he has the final say in certain areas, and makes his own decisions.
It is pretty much a 50/50 relationship neither of us is dominant
He is mostly dominant, but I reserve certain decisions for myself
He is dominant and I am submissive
If you live together or are married, how dominant are you in the relationship?
I am dominant and lead the relationship, He submits to my authority, my leadership, and my decisions
I am dominant and lead the relationship, but I allow him a lot of input and consider his opinions and ideas before making my decision
I lead the relationship, but he has a wide range of responsibilities and decision-making that I don't interfere with
It is pretty much 50/50, neither of us is dominant
He is dominant or mostly dominant, and I submit to his leadership
Before we go any further, do you think a 50/50 leadership works in a relationship?
Absolutely not! One partner has to be in total control
Absolutely not! One partner has to lead, even though the other partner can have input
50/50 relationships work fine
Also, in followup to the last question, who is more capable of leading the woman/man relationship?
The girl, or woman
The boy, or man
If yours is a female-led relationship, please tell me in what areas you dominate your boyfriend / live-in / husband? Please check all that apply.
Finances - He gives me his earnings and I give him an allowance
Finances - we just have joint accounts, but I make all final decisions regarding major expenditures
Finances - He cannot make a purchase of any kind (beyond say, snacks or rally trivial stuff) without my permission
Medical care - I control who our medical professionals are, for both of us
Occupation - I of course make my own career decisions, but, if he works outside the home, I help him with career choices and ultimately approve or veto a specific job for him.
Television - I control, or mostly control how much TV he watches, and what he can watch.
Friends - I approve or disapprove of our friends, whether his, or ours
Going out - I decide what we will do, where we will eat out, etc.
Free Time - I decide how our free time is used, individually and together. I veto any activities I don't want him involved in.
Sex - I control sex. I control if, when, and how it happens.
Sex - I control his sexuality - his desires and his releases.
In some FLR's, women make their mates surrender to their authority, submit to their leadership and decisions, and obey them in all things. Please answer the following which describes the level of your dominance over your mate.
I am completely dominant. I lead, he follows. I require his absolute obedience in everything. He is happy with this arrangement.
I am completely dominant. I lead, he follows. I require his absolute obedience in everything. He is NOT happy with this arrangement.
I lead the relationship, but I do so primarily with a consensus-style management, and he has a lot of input and say. I am still the final authority.
I, as the female, lead the relationship, but none of the above choices exactly fits.
What are the roles your mate/husband has, either as assigned by you or agreed to between the two of you.
He is a househusband, and does not work outside the home.
He is a househusband, and also maintains a part-time job outside the home
He works full-time outside the home
If your mate/husband is a househusband, what duties is he assigned at home? Please check all that apply.
He does the housework, I do the cooking, or vice-versa.
He does all the outside (ie yard) maintenance
He does all the housework - cleaning, tidying and organizing
He does all the cooking
He does the shopping to support the meals he plans with my oversight.
He takes care of keeping the cars cleaned and serviced, and sufficient fuel.
He does all the laundry from start to finish
I share in some of the duties, either because it's too much for him, or I enjoy doing certain things, like gardening or cooking, or baking.
Finally, check any of the following ways you dominate or control him.
Sexually - I completely control all aspects of our sex life such as if, when and how we have sex.
Sexually - I know how to keep him at whatever sexual temperature I want him, and control if, when and how he is allowed to have any sexual release.
Sexually - I keep him in a chastity device and I alone decide when to release him.
I dominate him sexually, He is under my control
I dominate him physically
I dominate him mentally
I am the final authority
He obeys me. He is submissive to my authority and decisions.
I control his social life
I control his "free" time
If you require obedience from your mate/husband, what happens if he disobeys?
Whenever he disobeys, I punish him.
We talk about it and make an agreement going forward
He so knows not to disobey, I will spank him till he can't sit down.
Denial brings him to apologize and to total submission. It is a great punishment
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