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Braces Survey

What was your braces experience like?
Which decade did you have your braces? (If more than one applies, put all applicable.)
Fifties (1950s)
Sixties (1960s)
Seventies (1970s)
Eighties (1980s)
Nineties (1990s)
Oughts (2000s)
Teens (2010s)
Where you lived, were braces considered cool when you had them?
Very cool
Sort-of cool
Not a big deal either way
Kind-of uncool
Very uncool
Which of these things did you do with your braces?
Use your braces to shoot/slingshot rubberbands
Get colored ligatures and/or rubberbands on your brackets
Stick magnets on your braces
Put a battery up to your braces to feel the electric charge
Open your mouth really wide so a friend could see all your orthodontic gadgets
Use your braces to pretend to be metal-mouthed TV or movie character (like "Jaws" from the Bond movies, or the girl in Braceface)
Goof around with your braces and/or braces accessories (i.e., waterpik, braces brushes, braces wax, elastics, etc.) in front of your mirror.
Grit your teeth and bare your metal mouthful at someone (or for a camera)
Take a picture of yourself doing a funny braces-showing pose
Make jokes about your braces
Elaborate or add to the previous question (i.e. things you did with your braces). Who or what did you shoot with your elastics? What joke did you tell about your braces? What else can you share?
Were you given any nicknames as a result of your braces? What were they? Were they friendly or unfriendly names?
Did you get colored ligatures or elastics on your teeth? If so, what colors did you enjoy getting, and why? (Example, holiday colors, team colors, favorite colors, etc.)
Were there any funny, amusing, or unusual incidents that happened when you had braces? For example, did your braces ever get caught on something funny? Did an elastic ever shoot off unexpectedly in an amusing moment? Share why happened.
This poll was created on 2017-02-10 14:17:00 by Orthosurveys