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Is It a Woman's world?

Studies now show that girls dominate boys academically and socially in School at all levels. Girls are a large majority in college and now outnumber men in the workforce. At work, I am one of six females having identical executive government positions. There are two men in our office who also have this same position. Although technically we all have the same position, I and the other women have intimidated the two men, and dominated them into submission to where it's like we are their supervisors. Our supervisor is a woman and allows us to use the men as we wish. And in fact, all but one managers in the Division are women, and even the men would rather have a woman manager. In other areas of life, I note that my Primary Doctor, Dentist, and Dermatologist are not only women, but they are superior to the male doctors I have had in skill, intelligence, personality, helpfulness, and results. Thank you for assisting in this poll.
What is your Gender?
What is your Age?
In what Region do you Live?
Eastern Europe
Southern, Central, Northern Europe
Western Europe
Other Asia
United States
Central America
South America
Would you rather have a female supervisor, or a male supervisor?
If you are employed, what is the gender of your Supervisor?
How about your Doctor?
If you are in Middle School or High School, please answer . . . "Who is Smarter, Girls or Boys?"
Who is more dominant in Relationships in the following places? Check one box in the school section and one in the workplace section.
Girls are dominant through all school years, including college
Girls are dominant until College Years, then Boys are dominant
Boys are dominant through all school years
Women dominate men in the workplace
Men dominate women in the workplace
Who is the boss in your family of origin?
If married, or living with a partner of the opposite sex, or in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex . . . Who has the biggest say in your relationship?
The Female is in total control of the relationship
The Female is mostly in control of the relationship
The Male is in total control of the relationship
The Male is mostly in control of the relationship
No one has more say than the other
Girls/Women Please . . . Do you have one or more relationships where you are dominant over boys/men?
Girls/Women - Please specify whom you dominate? Check all that apply.
Live-in Male Partner
Girls/Women please . . .How do you dominate at least one of the boys/men in the previous queston? Check all that apply.
Sexually - he is under my control
I am his final authority
He obeys me and is submissive to my authority and decisions
Boys/Men Please - Do you have one or more relationships where you are dominant over one or more girls/women?
Please specify whom you dominate? Check all that apply.
Girl Friend
Live-in Female Partner
Boys/Men - how do you dominate the person in the previous question?
Sexually - She is under my control
I am her final authority
She obeys me and submits to my authority and decisions
With the majority of college graduates being women (almost two-to-one), Do you think men or women are better (check all that apply) . . .
Managers - Women are better Managers
Managers - Men are better Managers
Doctors - Women are better Doctors
Doctors - Men are better Doctors
Scientists - Women are better Scientists
Scientists - Men are better Scientists
Teachers - Women are better Teachers
Teachers - Men are better Teachers
Who is more qualified to lead the marriage or partnership relationship?
Girls/Women please . . . Do you find boys/men resistant to being dominated by you?
They are not resistant, they prefer my dominance and leadership
They are resistant, but they have no choice - I am more powerful
They are non-compliant
Boys/Men please . . . Do you want girls/women to dominate you?
They are more qualified. It's natural to submit and I like submitting to them
I don't like it, but I have no choice because I recognize their superior capabilities
I refuse to be dominated
Who is winning the proverbial "Battle of the Sexes?" Check all that apply.
Girls are superior - they will win
Girls have all the power - They will win
Girls are ultimately stronger - they will win
Girls are the superior sex
Boys/Men are Superior - they will win - it will be a man's world.
Is it currently a man's world, or a woman's world?
Woman's World
Man's World
Which will be the dominant sex in 20 years? Check all that apply.
Women will dominate the professions
Men will dominate the professions
Most marriages/relationships will be led by women. Men will be submissive
This poll was created on 2017-02-20 13:57:22 by Satray