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The Real Weaker Sex - For Boys / Men Please

Studies now show that it is fast becoming a woman's world. We Surpass boys in school. We surpass young men in college (we outnumber you almost two-to-one). We outnumber you in the workforce, and soon will hold a majority of CEO, executive and management positions. We are becoming the leaders of female/male relationships. In reality, if men are honest, most relationships are already Female-led. The question of the dominant, or stronger sex is now answered - women are both stronger and dominant. The weaker sex is now male, and this poll assumes you agree with that. My concern in this poll is how you men feel about all this. Ladies, please feel free to follow this poll and message me with your thoughts. This poll is for boys / men only. I pretty well understand the male mind, but I want to increase my knowledge of how you feel and what we as women need to know to nurture and care for you in home and in the workplace.
What is your Gender?
Female (ladies please follow this poll and help me out in the message section?)
What is your age?
41 or Older
The Region of the World You live in.
United States
United Kingdom
Western Europe
Central/Northern/Southern Europe
Eastern Europe
Other Asia
Australia or New Zealand
Central America
South America
The weaker sex is now male. The stronger sex is Female (remember we are NOT talking about physical strength here). Women are now dominant over men.
I agree completely
I agree that is the trend
I disagree, I believe men are the stronger sex
Who achieves higher academically in school?
When you were in Elementary School, and if you had friends who were girls, did they tend to lead? who was either "sort of" of definitely dominant?
I was the leader, she followed my lead
She was the leader and I followed her lead
She totally dominated me
I totally dominated Her
Neither of us led or bossed the other, it was sort of an equal friendship
If you are in a relationship now, dating, living together, or marriage, who honestly leads the relationship?
I do
My wife / girl friend does
Which of you is more qualified to lead the relationship?
I am
My wife / girl friend is more qualified
If you submit to her leadership, please describe her level of dominance, and here's where we start hearing your feelings. You may need to select more than one answer.
I like her being the leader. I feel safe and protected. She is much more able to lead our relationship than I am
I don't mind. There are things that are hard for me, but she is better at leading us, and I feel I have to defer to her leadership and decisions.
I don't really like it, but it works, and I feel I don't have any choice.
She is very powerful and dominant. I like it and because she leads, our relationship is happy and functional. I submit to her authority and leadership, and obey her decisions. I am comfortable with this.
She is very powerful and dominant. I submit to her, and admit it works well, but I don't like being submissive and obeying her.
She is powerful and dominant and I submit to her leadership, but I feel she values me as a person and mate, and she fairly considers my opinions, my needs and my desires, even though she has the final say in most everything.
I don't submit to her leadership, and we have conflict in our relationship
I don't submit to her leadership, we both have sort of equal say and have worked it out.
Here's just one report on male suicides: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/04/28/male-suicide-rates-massively-increase/ It reports that male suicides have increased, in the past 15 years, at a rate 62% higher than females (who have also increased slightly).
Women should be concerned about the mental health of boys and men, and should be taking steps to nurture them in their new submissive roles
Women are now responsible to train/teach boys and men to have a confident self-image, even if the female is dominant
It is absolutely the responsibility of the stronger sex (women) to care for the mental and emotional needs of the weaker sex (men)
None of this is true. we men are responsible for ourselves, and can handle our own mental health
As a man, I admit that we need the help of dominant women to know our place in the family and in society, and to know how to feel positive about it.
It is the responsibility of women to make sure that the submissive position of men is important - that the men play an important role, and that dominant women should elevate that role so men are fulfilled
Men should be socialized to become willing obedient servants to women, and women need not concern themselves with how they feel about it.
Other important ideas:
Would you like a relationship with a dominant woman, where she is the boss and you will obey her?
I would like to learn more about it first
Would you prefer that she is totally in control of all aspects of your relationship, and sets up the relationship however she thinks is best? Or would you rather work together to determine the rules of the relationship, and then have her enforce them?
I have confidence in her ability and would be happy for her to determine all the rules and I will follow and obey her
I want to have a say in how the relationship is set up. Once it is set up, I will submit to her leadership and decisions so long as they follow the rules.
If she uses her authority in a way we haven't agreed on, the deal is off
If she uses her authority in away we haven't agreed on, I will accept her authority in any case, and obey her
If she uses her authority in a way we haven't agreed on, I will seek permission from her to re-visit that rule or guideline and ask for a new understanding. Her judgement will be final.
No amount of rules can cover all circumstances. When that happens I will insist on a joint understanding of a new rule.
No amount of rules can cover all circumstances. When that happens I will obey whatever she says is best. Her judgement is superior and will do what's best for both of us, and for the relationship.
Are you in a relationship with a girl/woman?
If it is a Female-led Relationship, which of the following is true?
It was her idea
It was My idea
It was our idea mutually - we became aware of it together
She used her Sexual Power to make me Submit to her
She used her dominant Personality to make me submit to her
Her capabilities and abilities were obviously superior, so there was no question who should be dominant
I had to beg her to consider leading
She naturally took over and led from the beginning
I don't always agree that it is best for her to lead us
She is unquestionably superior and I have surrendered to her authority, submitted to her leadership and decisions, and obey her. I DO THIS WILLINGLY
She is unquestionably superior and I have surrendered to her authority, submitted to her leadership and decisions, and obey her. She forces me to do this, and I like being forced.
She is unquestionably superior and I have surrendered to her authority, submitted to her leadership and decisions, and obey her. She forces me to do this, and I DON'T like being forced.
In my FLR (Female-led Relationship) I obey my female partner. OK, this is normal. But what happens if you disobey her?
She punishes me
She lets me get away with it
We talk it over and I agree to obey her going forward
How does she punish you?
Standing in a corner
Ties me up
Denies me privileges
Denies me Sex
In other polls, I see that Dominant Girls/Women completely control sex - for both parties. Assuming this is true of you, which of the following is/are true?
She is completely in control of when and how we have sex
She controls all aspects of my sexual life.
She keeps me at a certain sexual "temperature" and carefully controls if, when, and how I am allowed sexual release
She makes me please her, but she never lets me have sex, she keeps me in chastity
She keeps me in a chastity device and never lets me out
She keeps me in a chastity device and lets me have sex or have sexual release when she alone decides
I like her controlling sex
I wish I were in control of my, or our sex
Our relationship is much better with her leading it. I am happy to obey because it works out better
I agree that the relationship works better, but I wish I didn't have to obey her
I am glad I am in a Female-led Relationship
Given that Women are superior, better managers, better decision-makers and problem-solvers, and better at relationships, I strongly recommend Female-led relationships for all or most couples.
I disagree with the premise, but still recommend FLR's
This poll was created on 2017-02-23 03:09:52 by Satray