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Teen boy wearing swim diapers

I found there is same like poll to girls but not for boys
Girl or guy
Girl (please leave)
starting at 10, what ages should boys be required to wear swimming diapers?
Over 21
should fat boys be required to use a different pool because no one wants to have to look at them. I don't mean to sound mean but lets be honest...
should the diapers remain visable at all times
since the diapers are being worn to contain any pee/poop how long after soiling of messing a diaper should they be changed.
10 min
20 min
30 min
45 min
1 hour
2 hour
3 hour
not untill their done swimming
since it's really hard to put on a swimming diaper correctly by yourself, who should be allowed to change them
Male relative
Female relative
Older sister
Younger brother
Male friend
Younger sister
employee at the pool whose job is to change peoples diapers
Older brother
Female friend
where should the boy be changed if there are guys and girls at the pool
on a towel and in plain sight
on a changing station by the pool
in the bathroom
next to the pool and visable to everyone
next to the pool but covered behind a wall or towel
where should the boy be changed if there are only boys (wearing diapers) at the pool
on a changing table (slightly hidden but still in view)
Anywhere in plain sight
hidden behind something
if the boy only pees should she have to be changed?
what kind of diaper should they be forced to wear?
Just blue
Just white
what size should they wear?
Very tight and small, just enough to cover what is needed but exposes alot of butt
snug fitting, about the size of speedos
medium, more coverage than speedos
big puffy diapers that can hold A LOT!!
if there being changed before they get done swimming how often should they be checked?
Every 10 min
Every 30 min
Every hour
How should they be checked?
pat the front of the diaper
pat the back of the diaper
stick your hand down the back of the diaper
stick your hand down the front of the diaper
smell the diaper
take the diaper off and look
once the diaper is changed should the boy be wiped or should another diaper just be put on
He should be wiped
He should be wiped with the new diaper so most of it will be upsorbed
He shouldn't be wiped
since the boys have been wearing diapers all this time, should they be put into regular diapers after they get out of the pool?
no, underwear is fine
yes but they don't have to use them
yes and they have to use them
what if their at the beach, should they still have to wear swimming diaperers?
if you were changing a boy who had messed and wet his diaper and there were no more clean ones except the one you were wearing would you give him yours and you would were the messy one
yes, that's the nice thing to do
yes, but i wouldn't like it
No, it's not that i don't want to help her but thats too gross
This poll was created on 2017-03-14 12:01:07 by U.Owen