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House rules

Recently, my mother created dress code for me, because I know who's in charge when I wear her dress code and I'm behaving properly. I'd also like to have house rules and you could help me with them.
Should these rules be documented on the paper?
What should be my general behavior?
I should call adults Maam' and Sir
I should stand up when adult enters the room
I should help adults with coats when they enter the house
I should do anything what any adult in the house wants
Something else
What should I follow about school?
Minimal grade
Time when I should change to uniform
Time when I should change to home dress code
General instructions how should I behave in school
Time when I should do homework
Time when I should study
What should my time restrictions be? (in hours)
Playing piano
PC, TV...
Personal needs (changing clothes, shower, food...)
My schedule on school days
My schedule on non-school days
My home dress code is long sleeved white shirt, dress pants, belt, tie, jacket and dress shoes. Everything must be worn properly - buttoned, tightened... Should I have any exceptions?
Loosen tie at my room
Unbutton collar at my room
Take off jacket at my room
What should be my punishments for misbehaving or not wearing my clothes properly?
Tightening my tie
Tightening my belt
Spanking with my belt
Should I be checked if I'm wearing my clothes properly?
This poll was created on 2017-03-16 10:03:00 by wfrishi