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Celebrity Endorsements

A poll to find out the impact of celebrity endorsements and how they influence what brands and products we decide to buy.
How likely are you to purchase a product that is endorsed by a celebrity?
Very likely
Not sure
Very unlikely
Have you ever brought an item just to fit in or follow the crowd? E.G. Buying an iPhone because all of your friends have one.
I've thought about it but have never done it
What would your first impression be of someone with a nike t-shirt on and Beats by Dre headphones?
Very cool
They look like they enjoy treating themselves
They wouldn't make an impression on me
I would be jealous
I think these brands are overrated
Have you ever brought a product endorsed by a celebrity and the quality of it was disappointing for the price?
How do you tend to find out about new products or releases?
Social media
Word of mouth through friends and family
Physical advertisements in the form of posters and billboards
By shopping regularly and seeing new products in stores
If you was given lots of money to spend in any designer outlet (can be more than one), where would you shop and why?
Do you think clothing from high end brands like Gucci are better quality than those made by H&M for example? If possible, please explain your answer.
This poll was created on 2017-03-30 20:40:05 by LaurenGreen12