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Flight Attendant Uniform Cosplay (Part 1)

Hi, I'm Grace, I'm 23. I am a half Chinese half Korean girl living in Australia. I am 165cm tall and weigh 46kg. I have long straight black hair and a slim build. I have a fair complexion and am sometimes told I look like Seolhyun from AOA. I enjoy cosplay and dressing up. I'm currently studying psychology, but I always dream of flying around the world as an Airline stewardess and I've always admired the uniforms of several airlines based in Asia. I know a lot of guys like flight attendants and their uniforms so I'm curious as to how they feel and what their dream/fantasies are. I set up a scenario where you get to be my date, and you could choose what I wear and what we do. Feel free to leave comments to questions wherever possible and I will try to answer all of them (be sure to leave your email!) This Poll will be in 2 parts. Part 1 is to get a an idea of general interest in the idea. Part 2 will be 18+ only, and should be completed by anyone who enjoyed Part 1 and want to see where it could lead. Happy polling!
Are you
I wish to represent more than 1 person (for the purposes of this date, eg 2v1, 3v1)
If you selected "more than 1 person", please elaborate how many men?
Are you
Middle Eastern
South-East Asian
South American
Is the concept of a stewardess fantasy...
New to me
Interesting to me
Loved by me
If you have had a stewardess fantasy come true, please specify:
My girlfriend/wife/partner is a flight attendant
I've dated a flight attendant in the past
My partner has dressed up as a flight attendant
I have paid/arrange for someone to dress up as a flight attendant
Now think about me.. would you rather I be:
A complete stranger
Your girlfriend/partner/fiance/wife
Your friend/best friend
Your friend's girlfriend
Your brother's girlfriend
Your sister's best friend
Your sister/stepsister
Your daughter/stepdaughter
Which of these airline uniforms do you like? (I'm aware most of these are Asian based, and they are based on my personal thoughts. Please email me if you have additional thoughts) You may select more than 1, but try to limit to 3.
Cathay Pacific
China Eastern Airlines
China Southern Airlines
Air China (Taiwan)
Korean Airlines
JAL (Japan Airlines)
All Nippon Airlines
Air Asia
Singapore Airlines
Virgin Airline (Australia)
QANTAS (Australia)
British Airways
Etihad Airways
If there's an airline you love but I havn't listed, please outline it below and tell me what you like about it. If there are many suggestions for the same airline I'll add it in a subsequent poll.
What aspect of the uniform do you care about the most? Or you like the most?
The professional appearance
The well fitted outline
The stockings
The colour/design of the uniform
The silk scarf (if they form a part of the uniform)
The shoes/heels
The prestige/reputation associated with the airline/uniform
Other (please outline below)
Feel free to describe your preferences on airline and uniform and what you like the most about them. You may include personal experiences, feelings/thoughts, etc.
How would you want us to meet?
Meet me/pick me up from the airport (pretending im a real stewardess)
Meet me at a restaurant/coffee shop (day/evening)
Meet me at a club/bar (evening/night)
Meet me at a mall/cinema (day/evening)
Meet me (hook up) on public transport eg train/bus from the airport.
Meet me during the flight (I'll have to actually find a real stewardess job!)
Meet at a hotel, be it lobby or straight to your room
Any other ideas?
How would you like me to be dressed when we meet?
Already dressed in my uniform
Dressed appropriate to the occasion, and change into uniform later
How would you want to see me wear the uniform?
Exactly as it should be worn according to the uniform code of the airline (including proper footwear, correctly coloured pantyhose, correct length skirt, hat if included, hairnet/clips, scarf. etc)
Small modifications eg: higher heels, different coloured pantyhose/stockings/fishnets, tighter fitting uniform, shorter skirt etc
Looking dishevelled/unclean: eg after work, looking tired, dirty/stained uniform, torn stockings, messy hair.
Please elaborate your choice if you wish
Would you take me on your date whilst wearing the uniform? eg lunch/dinner/movie/dancing or have me change into it later in private
Stay in uniform entire date
Get changed later in private
If you chose get change later, do you prefer to watch me change? Or wait for me to change in private and surprise you?
Watch me change
I want to see you surprise me with your outfit
During our date, would your conversation be...
Completely dominated by the subject of flight attendants and uniforms
Just everyday chatting, flirting, etc.
Usual flirting/conversation, with some subtle hints thrown in about your fantasy
During the date: will you be...
Well mannered and polite
Shy and timid
Fun and cheeky
Rude and vulgar
Intimidating and threatening
Dirty minded and inappropriate
At the end of the date, will you
Bid farewell and be on our separate ways
Ask for me phone number and call me
Offer to take me home
Invite me back to your place
Offer to take me to a hotel because it's late or you're visiting town.
Mislead me or lure me to any of the above
Optional: If you wish to individually group your responses, with or without additions to the choices I've listed, and tell me about all of your personal choices in the one message, please post it here!
Wear my namebadge?
Yes, it's important
No couldn't care less
This poll was created on 2017-04-03 12:51:57 by amarann