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Ever gone to school wearing one shoe

I'm 13, was getting ready for school today and couldn't find my shoe so decided I would look for it later and just go to school wearing one shoe wanted to see if anyone else has ever done this or aim I the only weird guy LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you ever wore one shoe to school
if yes why
hurt my foot
lost one
just wanted too
lost a bet
If you just wanted to wear one why
how old where you
under 12
13 to 15
15 to 17
what year was it
would you or have you wore one shoe to school more than once
1 time and I will never do it again
2 to 5
6 to 8
more than 8
Every change I can
How did you like it
never do that again
it was ok
didn't care
wish I could do it ever day
How did other kids react
got picked on bad
nobody cared
dared to do it again
other ______________
This poll was created on 2017-04-13 23:39:58 by Colton10