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Who is the real Nazi? Sean Spicer or Oscar Munoz?

Both of these 2 men made statements to the American people that they later apologized for as soon as they realized just how outraged the public was. Leader of United Airlines Oscar Munoz had his police beat up an innocent paying customer and then drag the battered and bloody man off the airplane. He said it was the victims fault for being disruptive. Sean Spicer described the indiscriminate use of nerve gas on civilian population centers as a crime so evil that even Hitler would never do it. Hitler used poison gas to execute Jews in gas chambers.
Which of the two men told the biggest lie? Oscar Munoz when he accused Dr David Dao of being "belligerent and disruptive"? Or Sean Spicer when he said that "Hitler didn't gas his OWN people"?
Oscar Munoz is a liar. Dr David Dao just needed to go home. Technically Spicer was right. Hitler never once dropped nerve gas bombs on his own people or anyone else for that matter. Hitler sent Jews to gas chambers.
Sean Spicer is a liar. Hitler did "SINK" to using chemical weapons. Technically Munoz didn't lie when he blamed Dr Dao because he was misinformed about what really happened and the airline has a policy that allows them to remove any passenger they want from any aircraft.
Assad used chemical weapons in war, something which never happened during WW2. Spicer said: "We didn't use chemical weapons in World War Two, you had someone as despicable as Hitler, who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons!" If you were in charge would sack Spicer for saying this?
Do NOT sack Spicer! His words were badly chosen and very insensitive, but hardly call for dismissal. Hitler did actively oppose the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons in war, so what Spicer said was technically true. Hitler's use of gas chambers for execution purposes is a different issue entirely.
Sack Spicer! His words are those of Nazi sympathizer's that keep denying the Jewish Holocaust ever happened. Hitler did use "Chemical weapons". He used them on Jews.
Munoz said they had a "Systems failure" as they needed to find 4 seats for employees of another airline. United have a policy that allows them to "Use police to remove passengers" If you could would you remove Munoz as CEO of United Airlines?
Do NOT sack Munoz. Dr Dao was disrupting the flight by not leaving the airplane. Its United's plane!" They can do whatever the hell they like.
Sack Munoz. To have a trio of uniformed thugs beat the crap out of a paying customer because he needed to go home is just evil! No one should ever be picked out like that! Only terrorists should be dragged off an airplane.
Who deserves to get fired most of all?
Oscar Munoz deserves to be sacked for being a greedy corporate psychopath. He is still claiming a $500,000 dollar bonus to his salary for customer satisfaction.
Sean Spicer deserves to be sacked for failing to acknowledge what happened to the Jews. That is a crime against humanity. It doesn't matter that it was only a gaff.
Which is worst?
3 airport policemen acting like Nazi thugs because they can get away with brutally beating someone up if that person does not do exactly what the police tell them to do and then claiming the airport police are just doing their job.
Sticking your foot in your mouth at a press conference so badly that you didn't realize you sounded like a Nazi sympathiser when you were only trying to make a valid point.
United airlines and the airport police are very likely to get away with this crime and just change their policy. Who should be made to pay for this outrage?
Oscar Munoz. He's the boss, he is responsible. He should be brought to justice.
The Captain. Hes responsible for absolutely everything that happens on board his plane.
The 3 police men who dragged Dao from the plane need to face justice.
Every single member of the crew of that plane should be prosecuted. They were all party to this legalized thuggery. If they had any decency at all, the plane crew would have protested against Dao's treatment just like the passengers did.
Passengers know what they are getting into when they board a plane. United Airlines were just carrying out their legally stated policy of passenger removal if they need to take someones seat from them as written in the small print. United Airlines committed no crime. It's their plane, they can do what they like. No one should be punished.
Liberty and justice for all are the words of the USA and yet the US government must be subversively advocating holocaust denial if the White House Press Secretary can make a gaff as big as saying that someone did something so evil that even Hitler would not do it. Who in the US government should be made to pay for ignoring this crime against humanity.
Sean Spicer should have the book thrown at him. It does not matter what he was trying to say his words were unforgivable. He must be made to pay for his mistake.
Donald Trump. He is in charge. Spicer works for him.
The entire US Government should be made to apologize. Spicer is just a spokes person. The US Government are trivializing what happened to the Jews.
Politicians bungle their words all the time and Spicer messed up. Spicer was not saying Hitler never gassed any Jews. He was trying to say "An atrocity was committed that even Hitler would never have committed." Not "Hitler did not commit such atrocities." Spicer made a mistake but no one should be punished for it.
Which is worse? What the White House did? Or what United Airlines did?
What Spicer said disgusts me the most.
What United Airlines did to a paying customer disgusts me most.
This poll was created on 2017-04-16 16:06:25 by Dazo