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Straight Heterosexual Males (18-35) What's You're Type

Tell me about yourself, and what you like in women. Straight males ages 18-35
Be honest, are you straight?
Gay (skip to results please)
What country do you live in? Or Continent
The U.S.
Canada/ Alaska
South America, Central America, Mexico
South Africa, Morocco, Jamaica
New Zealand or Australia
The U.K. Britain, Ireland, Scottland
France, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, Italy
Are you single?
Boyfriend of someone
Split up or on a break
A friend with benefits of someone...
How many sexual partners?
Over 8
Are you confident in asking women out?
Yeah, I do it often, it's a skill I've required. I often get lucky too.
I go after lots of women but often get rejected.
No, I rarely ever ask a girl out, if that. I just have wishful thinking that maybe a girl will ask me.
Yes, but only the ones that aren't intimidating.
Only when I truly like a girl, when I really think I'm falling for someone, then I'll give up my singleness.
I occasionally do ask women out but I'm rather nervous about it.
When you have a "fantasy" about a girl, whether or not it's to further something along, who do you think of?
I never fantasize
A girl I know, whom I like, whom I'm not dating
Someone I am dating or married to
Someone I imagined up, someone who doesn't exist or is famous.
Someone I know, who I have NO feelings for. Just a visual helper.
Where do you approach a girl, that you want to ask out?
At work (She's a coworker)
I find it easier to look for a girlfriend online through social networking or a dating website.
At a public place such as a mall or coffee shop.
At a bar
I only approach girls who are paid a service to give me attention, that I call in, or find on the internet.
At school or college (a schoolmate or colleague)
At work (She's a customer)
I have never approached a girl
What body type does a girl have that you prefer? That would make you think you've struck gold
Short and curvy, big butt or boobs
Petite, skinny, well proportioned but 5'2" - 5'4"
Average height (possibly yours or a little shorter) Skinny
Average height but curvy, only where it counts though, boobs and butt only. Nice flat stomach and thin legs and arms.
Tall and skinny.
Average height, with curves but not skinny. A little extra. Maybe big butt and boobs but also a little pudgy in the belly and thighs.
Tell me more on the details of her features that you like. Please pick one from each category
Big boobs DD or bigger
Average chest: C cup, definitely not "small" but not huge and burdensome
Small boobs are fine by me, especially if she's skinny or at a healthy weight (A or B cup, still "there" though)
Big butt no matter what, even with chubby thighs
Big butt, or round butt, but not fat everywhere else. Has fit or skinny legs
Butt doesn't matter average or small it's all good
Flat stomach, or toned from working out
Hardcore abs on her, it's cool!
A little belly is okay, no ones perfect..
Beer belly all the way, I like em chubby
1. Pretty eyes are more important than good teeth OR
2. Nice teeth are more important than eyes
3. A Nice Smile is more important than both good teeth and pretty eyes
Imagine her in a room across from you, talking with some friends. She has just got your attention, she might be the one you've been waiting for. She has medium or long -ish hair past her shoulders down to her boobs. It's somewhere between straight or wavy (big waves)... what hair color does she have?
Dark brown
Light Brown
This time, how do you approach girls?
I don't, I go home and fantasize about them.
I try to get close to her, or be in a nearby vicinity and hope she notices me
I don't, I'm not interested or too shy and don't bother.
I approach her, and I either ask her for her phone number or tell her she is pretty.
I try to make eye contact, if we catch each other's eye multiple times I think she likes me.
I walk over and talk to her. Just ordinary talk, like you would with any stranger. Maybe comment on something obvious like weather or traffic.
I walk by and say "Hey"
I make eye contact and then smile at her, making sure she sees it.
How old are you?
Under 16 (and I'm going to skew the poll results shame on me)
Over 35
If you get lucky what's the best part, not the part where your glad you got to go all the way, just your favorite most exciting moment. Select up to 3.
Cuddling. Holding her in your arms.
The moment you give each other eye contact, it's like you've opened your souls to each other.
The intimate moment when you START taking off her clothes and your clothes
Other/ NA
Satisfying her as much as you can, with your hands or otherwise, you want to see her face when she feels that feel good feeling.
When you see her in her bra and panties.
Kissing her entire body, or something of the nature of exploring her.
When she does something to satisfy you that doesn't really benefit her. Because it's all about you right?
The first kiss.
When she takes off her shirt and you see her bare chest.
The panties. Off.
Before or even without the clothes coming off, just making out. Your bodies close to each other, feeling each other.
When she falls asleep and you watch her.
Have you been in love? Select up to two answers.
Never or not sure
Once, just once
Multiple times.
Yes, with someone who doesn't know. (Currently)
Yes, and I've told her but she doesn't feel the same way. (Currently in love)
Yes, it was or is mutual (at least I think??)
About you: what do you do, what are your hobbies?
Studying (college)
Getting out and getting fresh air... Skating, Surfing, bmx, or riding. Adventurous and daring.
Getting out and getting fresh air: Camping, Hunting, Fishing.
Looking for women online (a lot of time doing this)
Work-a-holic you can say. But it's something of the nature of 40+ hours of waiting tables or bartending. Entry level/ dead end job you could say.
Going to the gym, going out to restaurants with good friends
Caring about my appearance and grooming.
Video games and comic books.
None of these
Getting out and getting fresh air: Sports, football, basketball
Church activities, or college clubs
Studying (Highschool)
Clubbing, drinking, general partying. Maybe drugs.
Smoking weed or drinking beer with some buds
Workaholic (important profession or career, not entry level by any means)
Typically you're intention when you finally find a wonderful woman is:
I just want to sleep with her. I don't want just one woman, atleast not right now. I'm still playing the field, there's so many other women and I don't want to get tied down.
I am not thinking about the future at all, I hardly do. I'm thinking about now and she is hot. I want to sleep with her. I don't know what will happen after.
She's cute we'll see where this goes. I'm too young to start talking about her being it for sure, but at the same time who knows.
Maybe this is the one, I can finally stop searching. I want a wife out of her
I want to take things slowly. Go on a few dates and see if I like her. I'm not into it when women want to sleep with me on the first date.
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