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Tickle Talk

I'm a woman who loves being tickled and really loves being verbally teased while being tickled. Are you similar?
Do you prefer to tickle or be tickled?
Be tickled
If you like to tickle, do you say stuff to tease the person you're tickling?
Not usually
All the time
If you like to be tickled, does the person tickling you tease you verbally?
Not usually
All the time
People who get tickled: Do you enjoy the extra teasing in addition to the tickles?
No, and I don't enjoy the tickles either
I love it
Ticklers who tease: What's your favorite thing about teasing a ticklee?
Just fun to taunt a pinned ticklee
It's clearly frustrating for them
It seems to enhance the tickling
Like forcing the ticklee to say things to make the tickles stop
Other reasons:
Ticklers: What are some of your favorite teasing methods? (i.e "Tickle tickle", "Kitchy kitchy koo", counting ribs/toes, teasing nicknames, babytalking your ticklee, giving them something silly/embarrassing to say, etc.)
Ticklees: What are some of your favorite (or perhaps most frustrating) things ticklers have said or done to tease you?
Age and gender if you don't mind
Anything else to add?
This poll was created on 2017-05-02 16:59:01 by TickleDoll