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Serviced Cloud

Serviced Cloud specializes in providing online backup solutions to match the varying needs of different businesses located in London. Whether you need hosted desktop assistance or IT help and support, Serviced Cloud provides these services and more to different businesses without having to hire and staff a team of professionals to assist you with the integration process and setup. Similar to many other companies, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve our services and would love to hear from you. The questions are quite general and can be answered by anyone, whether they have used our services or not. We are happy to receive your answers and promise this quick poll will only take a couple minutes of your time.
How many employees work at your company or workplace?
Less than 5 Employees
5 to 10 Employees
10 to 20 Employees
20+ Employees
Does your company currently incorporate cloud-based products into its business model in any way?
If you answered yes to question 2, are you satisfied with the current setup?
Yes, our cloud-based operations are great!
It could use some improvement, but overall it is not too bad.
No, we are in desperate need of some new solutions ASAP!
Does not apply.
If you answered no to question 2, what would be the most accurate reason for not incorporating the cloud into your daily operations?
Our business model may not benefit from using it.
It might be too complicated for our products and services.
We are not sure where to begin or how to make the switch.
Does not apply.
Is your business or workplace located in London?
It is located close to London.
No, we are really far from London.
Have you ever thought about using a hosted desktop service before?
We have considered it.
We did not know it this was an option.
No, we are not looking to make any major changes right now.
If you have considered switching over to a better cloud storage system, why have not you done so yet?
Too many options, not sure which company will do the job right.
Not sure where to look or who provides the most reliable service.
We are afraid to find out how much the service would cost.
We are not very good with advancing technologies.
We are a little attached to our on-site team.
How important is it for you to have immediate access to your data not matter where you are?
Extremely important, many employees in our company travel to to different locations or work from home.
Slightly important, but not always essential.
Not very important, but there are times it could come in handy.
Not at all important, we are old school and do everything manually.
If hiring a remote hosting service for your data in the U.K. was simple, reliable, and affordable, would you consider hiring such a service?
Yes, 100%!
Possibly, I would need to see the pricing and know how past customers feel first.
No, I am not considering making any changes to our current set up.
Does not apply.
This poll was created on 2017-05-08 12:55:18 by Serviced Cloud