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High school friends wrestling tournament

A group of high school seniors have decided to have a wrestling tournament to celebrate our graduation. We'd like to have a little humiliation for the losers at the end of each round, and would like your input.
What is your gender?
What is your age?
Under 16
Over 25
After each round the losers will be marched by the guy who they lost to the center of the backyard and placed on their knees in a row. What would be the most humiliating way to march them? They will be shirtless and shorts
Hands clasped behind their necks like POWs with a super soaker water gun at their bscks
Hands up like they are being held up with a super soaker water gun at their back?
Wrists tied behind their backs and lead out by winner like they have been arrested
Should we have each loser with his winner in front of him have to admit that he is a wuss, and that the winner is tougher, better, and more of a man?
Should we shoot the losers with the super soaker water gun?
If we do shoot then what should be in the gun?
Mixture of water and maple syrup?
Should we have losers lie on their backs so that winners can plant their foot on loser's chest as a sign of victory?
This poll was created on 2017-05-19 15:55:35 by Nick Christian