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Dress code at home

Dear Misterpoll community, I am creating this poll to investigate people's thoughts on my dress codes. I am a 16 year old male, living with my father in Europe. My father, whom I am obliged to call Sir, has always liked when I dress smart, from an extremely young age. However, he did not expect me to dress smart every day, just when we attended a formal event. He always told me how well I behaved when I was wearing formal outfit. When I was about 14, I started to become friends with people who sagged their pants; and from their influence, so did I. The first time he noticed that I am sagging my pants, he spanked me with his belt, and told me that I should never do that again. The morning after when I left to school, I was sagging my pants even more, I wanted to rebel. He didn't say anything, so I thought it was okay. Then when I came back from school, all my clothes were replaced with very formal clothes. He told me: "You will wear these clothes every day from now on, and nothing else." Since then, I have been wearing formal clothes every single day, which he inspects numerous times a day. I have to wear the following: - Shirt: white or pastel long sleeved, 4 layers starched shirt, all buttons done up. The collars are exceptionally high, they have 3 or 4 buttons. - Trousers: high-waisted black or navy dress pants, pulled up to the bottom of my ribcage. - Belt: Wide leather belt, pulled extremely tight. The belt is hard leather that does not stretch at all. Either black or dark brown. - Tie: I have to wear a tie that is also pulled extremely tight around my neck. - Shoes: polished dress shoes, same color as the belt. - Jacket: suit jacket of the same color as the pants. I have to get dressed to these clothes every day. In the morning, I must leave the belt and the tie unfastened, and go to my dad, saying: "Sir, please tightly fasten my belt and my tie". Then he does so, always exceptionally tight.
Do you have a dress code at home?
What shirt does your dress code consist of?
Long sleeved shirt, all buttons done up
Long sleeved shirt, top 2 unbuttoned
Short sleeved shirt
How high are your collars?
Extremely high
Must you tuck your shirt into your trousers?
Do you have to wear a tie?
Yes, extremely tight.
Yes, tight.
Yes, loose.
Do you have to wear a belt?
Yes, extremely tight.
Yes, but just as tight as I need to hold my pants up.
How high must you pull up your pants?
Extremely high, to the bottom of my ribcage.
High, to my natural waist.
To my hips
Is anyone inspecting your uniform? If yes, who?
Are you punished if you don't wear your uniform correctly? If so, how?
Do you have to call your parents Sir and Maam'?
Do you have to stand up when an adult enters the room you are in?
Do you have to call adults by their first names, or by Mr./Mrs./Ms. and their last name?
First name
Mr./Mrs.Ms. last name
Do you have to have a perfect posture?
Please, add anything you would like regarding your dress code and/or your punishments for not wearing it properly.
This poll was created on 2017-05-24 16:10:03 by taylortaylor123