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Ladies, What style of shoe do you prefer to wear and why

Hello, I hope you are well
Yes, I am really happy
Pretty happy
In a cheeky mood
In a "could not care less" mood
A bit down
Slightly sad
A bit grumpy
Quite grumpy
Foul mood
What are is your normal style of shoe and why do you like them
Do you ever play wit, dangle or dip your shoes when sitting and standing
Oh yes, all of the time
A lot of the time
I play with them only when standing
I play with / dangle them only when sitting
Most of the time
some of the time
not really
Would you consider yourself as a
Shoe dangler
Shoe player
Shoe loser (like to push a shoe out of reach)
Dipper (shoe play standing up)
I always keep them on
Please could you give an example of how and when you like to play with your shoes. It is all kept private
This poll was created on 2017-06-12 06:31:52 by stocktaker