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Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting the DC Extended Universe

Could the Female members of the DCEU (& other DC films) defeat a male? With Gal Godot, Margot Robbie, Amber Heard & more. An asterisk * besides role means it was non DCEU. Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting Marvel Cinematic Universe
Which Superheroine should take part in the match?
Amber Heard - Mera
Amy Adams - Lois Lane
Cara Delevingne - Enchantress
Doutzen Kroes - Venelia
Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman
Karen Fukuhara - Katana
Margot Robbie - Harley Quinn
Adrianne Palicki - Wonder Woman*
Anne Hathaway - Catwoman*
Blake Lively - Carol Ferris*
Halle Berry - Catwoman*
Marion Cotillard - Talia al Ghul*
Megan Fox - Lilah*
Morena Baccarin - Leslie Thompkins*
Natalie Portman - Evey*
Uma Thurman - Poison Ivy*
If her outfit is different from her main costume what is she wearing?
Before the match how does she taunt her untrained 5'10" 165lb skinny-fat opponent?  photo jo90x_zpsmf8cfmqp.jpg
What type of match do they have?
Kick Boxing
Street Fight - No Rules
Where does match take place?
Busy Street
City Rooftops
Boxing Ring
MMA Cage
Underground Fight Club
Club/ Bar
Skyscraper Penthouse
Atlantis Throne Room
Fortress of Solitude
Open arena on Themyscira
How many people are watching?
Broadcast live worldwide
Entire stadium
Crowd in the thousands
Several hundred bystanders
Small handful
No one, happens in private
Why does the match happen/ What started it? Are there any stakes involved? (ie loser becomes winners slave, ect)
As the Superheroine approaches her foe how does she intimidate him?
Makes fun of his body
Points and laughs at him
Tells him she's going to beat him up
Shadow boxes
Flexes her muscles
Chest bumps him
Grinds up against him
Flaunts her body
Doesn't bother to intimidate him
Who wins the match?
She beats Guy quickly, not bothering to mess around
She beats Guy easily, but toys with him taking her time
She wins a one sided match, but Guy put up a good fight
She wins a back and forth match but is left exhausted
Guy wins a back and forth match but is left exhausted
Guy wins a one sided match, but she put up a good fight
Guy beats her easily, taking her down quickly
If the Superheroine wins what happens during the match?
How did she taunt her opponent?
In what fashion did the match end?
Knock Out
What was the finishing move(s)?
Reverse Headscissor
Standing Headscissor
Elbow Strike
Knee Strike
Ground & Pound
Choke Out/ Sleeper Hold
Groin Attack
Breast Smother
Crossbody Pin
Schoolgirl Pin
If the Superheroine wins how does the match end? How does the Superheroine humiliate/ trash talk the loser?
If the Superheroine wins how does she humiliate her opponent after the match?
Superheroine poses over Guy, she flexes and cheers as she dances over him
Superheroine makes fun of him for being beaten up by a girl
Superheroine slaps Guy until he cries
Superheroine mocks Guy as he cries
Superheroine forces Guy to admit he's weaker than her
Superheroine pulls down his shorts and spanks him
Superheroine laughs at his package
Superheroine forces him to be her slave
Superheroine suffocates Guy with her butt
Superheroine suffocates Guy with her breasts
Superheroine snaps his neck
Superheroine throws him in prison
What condition is Guy in after the match?
Battered and Bruised
Suffered Broken Bones
Missing Teeth
Black Eyes
Knocked Out
A Crying Mess
How does the Superheroine respond when she's interviewed about the match?
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