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having a crush on or falling in love with your sisters friends

This poll is for any boy that fell in love with or got a crush on one of their sister's friends as a kid
Did this ever happen to you as a kid?
How old were you when it happened?
Younger than 10
Older than 14
How old was your sister's friend?
Older than 14
Was it just a crush or true love?
Just a crush
True love
Couldn't tell
Did she ever find out?
If yes, then how did she find out
I told my sister and she told her
I told her myself
She found out from my parents
She found out from my friends
She could tell from the way I looked/acted around her
She didn't find out
What was your reaction when she found out? (You can select more than one)
I felt better that she knew
I was embarrassed
I wanted to hide in my room for the rest of my life
I wanted to die of embarrassment
I hope she liked me the same way
I ran and hid
I said it wasn't true (she didn't believe me)
I said it wasn't true (she believed me)
Other (please specify)
She never found out
How did she react when she found out?
Eww gross.
Aww that's cute (I was younger than her)
That's sweet (I was her age)
Get lost dweeb (I wasn't good with girls)
Turned red
Ran and hid
Laughed at me
OMG *sister's name*, your brother likes me
Held my hand
Hugged me
Kissed me
Wanted to die of embarrassment
Told me she liked me too
Let me down easy (she didn't like me in that way)
Asked me out
Never came to your house again
She never found out
If she liked you too what was your reaction? (If she didn't like you too please skip this question)
Held her hand
Gave her a kiss on the cheek
Asked her out
Was shy
Was happy
Gave her a hug
Was relieved
Was so happy I could burst.
If she didn't like you back what was your reaction (If she did like you back please skip this question)
Mad at whoever told her you liked her
Asked her why she didn't like you the same
Nothing (moved on)
Super embarrassed that I made a fool of myself.
Wanted to hide under my bed for the next eternity.
Accepted it
Kept trying
Wrote a song
Wrote a poem
Was happy to have her as a friend
Was glad as she was mean when she rejected me
This poll was created on 2017-06-21 13:58:04 by Bob899