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Creative detention in school

How would you impose detention in schools?
Which gender(s) should be subject to creative detentions?
Which ages should be subject to creative detention?
Middle school (11-13 y.o.)
Junior high school (14-16 y.o.)
Senior high school (17-18 y.o.)
Which kind of punishments would be allowed to impose on the student during detention?
Doing homeworks
Doing extra school works (to be added to homeworks)
Sit still and do nothing
Standing in the corner
Kneeling, face against the wall
Kneeling on rough surfaces (peas, wood, marbles, exc.)
Standing tip-toes
Standing on one foot
Dunce cap
Donkey mask
Confiscation of shoes
Other (specify)
This poll was created on 2017-07-26 16:39:12 by arog