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Law of female chastity.

Would you vote for a law to make it so all girls and women have to be locked in chastity?
Do you think girls should be forced to wear chastity belts?
When should they start being locked in the belts.
No older than 16
No older than 18
No older than 6
No younger than 18
No older than 13
Should parents be allowed to lock their kids in chastity if they want to?
When should they get their belts off
Once per week
Once per month
Only when their marriage partner allows them.
Once per year
How should girls who don't have their belts be punished
Put in a straitjacket
Sent to jail
Put in a cage
Describe the punishment.
This poll was created on 2017-07-27 02:01:14 by Shimaya