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Emma Watson Wrestling/ Fighting

Emma Watson has destroyed plenty of women, but can she defeat a male in a wrestling match or fight? None of the essays or questions are required, you can fill out as much or as little as you'd like. Check my profile or click the name to check out other recent polls in this series: Vs Anna Kendrick, Vs Hilary Duff, Vs Alison Brie,
When the athletic Emma Watson (5'5", 120 lbs) encounters Dan, her slightly larger but unfit and untrained skinny-fat opponent how does she taunt him or react? imagebam.com imagebam.com
If Dan and Emma wrestle or fight who would win?
Emma beats Dan easily
Emma beats Dan after a struggle
Emma barely wins a hard fought match
Dan barely wins a hard fought match
Dan beats Emma after a struggle
Dan beats Emma easily
What move(s) does the winner use to finish the loser? (Can select multiple choices)
Reverse Headscissor
Standing Headscissor
Elbow Strike
Knee Strike
Ground & Pound
Choke Out/ Sleeper Hold
Breast Smother
Schoolgirl Pin
If Emma wins what happens during the match? How did Emma taunt/ humiliate her opponent?
If Emma wins how does she humiliate Dan after the match? (Can select multiple choices)
Emma poses over Dan, she flexes and cheers as she dances over him
Emma makes fun of him for being beaten up by a girl
Emma slaps him until he cries
Emma mocks him as he cries
Emma forces Dan to admit he's weaker than her
Emma gives him a painful wedgie
Emma pulls down his shorts and spanks him
Emma laughs at his little package
Emma forces him to be her slave
Emma suffocates Dan with her butt
Emma suffocates Dan with her breasts
Emma dresses him up like a girl
Emma snaps his neck
This poll was created on 2017-09-07 03:29:16 by garpthagain