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Paramedics/EMTs Treating Children

This is a survey about paramedics and EMTs who treat children in an ambulance. How the children react and what the procedures are and if there are any others you would like to put in place
Do you treat many children when you are working?
When you cut a child's clothes, do you try and find a way to avoid doing that if you can or is it just procedure to cut them?
I try to find another option if I can
I just cut their clothes because its easier for me
It's procedure that I cut their clothes whatever the reason is
Would you agree with the idea than any child under 6 should have their shirt cut open straight away when they come into an ambulance? This might be because children 6 and under are more likely to fidget and fight if they realise what you are going to do so getting it done as the first thing makes it easier later.
I think it's a great idea
That's a terrible idea
Don't do it unless you need to
Please explain your answer to the question above
Is this something that you already do?
If you don't already do this, is it something you would think about starting in the future?
I already do this
No I would never do this
I will be starting this straight away
Do you find that when you cut a kids shirt they are usually wearing an undershirt/vest underneath?
Do children who do wear an undershirt or a vest under their shirt make your job harder? eg. It takes you longer because of the extra layers
Would you ever advise parents that putting an undershirt/vest under their kids shirt is a bad idea because of the delay getting it off?
When you cut a kids shirt, does the child usually react differently depending on if they have an undershirt/vest or not? eg. they are more likely to cry if they haven't got one underneath
Any other comments about your answer to the question above?
Any stories you would like to share?
Any stories you would like to tell?
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