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I got caught shoplifting - decide my punishment (17f)

Soooo... I got shoplifting. The security guard caught me trying to walk out with a bottle of wine in my purse. When he saw I was a minor they called my parents instead which was really lucky I know but now my parents are really angry and they're saying they want to spank me. I haven't been spanked in years! And in my opinion I'm way too old for that. My stepmom has been saying for months that I absolutely need a spanking (for other reasons) and thinks my parents never should have stopped spanking me in the first place. At first my dad said no but now that I've been caught shoplifting he says he says starting to reconsider. I convinced them to let me make this poll to decide my punishment, with the agreement that I'll accept absolutely whatever the result is.
Do you think I should get a spanking? I know I messed up by stealing the wine but I'm way too old to be spanked and I promise not to do it again!
Yes, I did was wrong and I deserve to be spanked for it.
No, I should get an alternative punishment such as grounding, having my cellphone taken away, etc... (please pick this!). If you pick this option you can proceed to the end.
My stepmom thinks that for a really serious offense like this I should be spanked completely nude. I think that if I have to be spanked, I should at least be allowed to keep my panties on. Pleeeease. A bare bottom spanking really is too juvenile at this age right?
I should be spanked with my pants down, but I should be allowed to keep my panties on
I should just have my bottom bared, nothing else.
I should be spanked completely naked (please no!)
If I have to be spanked, what should the first implement be? My stepmom says the warm-up will last about five minutes.
Hand (my choice)
Wooden spoon
Ping-pong paddle
Just skip the warm-up and add an extra five minutes with the main implement (please dont! I need a warm-up. I haven't been spanked in a long time)
What should the main implement be?
Wooden spoon
Ping-pong paddle
Wooden paddle (my stepmom's choice. she says she already has one...)
How long should the second phase last?
Five minutes
Ten minutes
Fifteen minutes
Twenty minutes
Thirty minutes
What position should I be spanked in?
Over the knee
Bent over the arm of the couch
Laying face down on the bed
On my hands and knees
On my back with my legs in the air
Should I get corner time after my spanking? If so, what position?
No, a spanking is enough
Yes, kneeling on a chair
Yes, facing the wall with my hands behind my head
Yes, on my hands and knees on a table
How should I be dressed for corner time?
Fully clothed
Pants down, panties up
Pants and panties down
How long should corner time last?
15 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes
An hour
I should not be put in corner time
Do you think that I should be spanked regularly, or should this just be a one time event?
Yes, you should be spanked regularly when you misbehave
Yes, but only for very serious offenses
No, this should be a one time event
This poll was created on 2019-03-08 03:08:46 by GreenIvy