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Hello everyone, this is a poll for Chanukah! Let's see exactly how much you know about it, and what your favorite things about it are! Happy Chanukah! Oh and if a hot Jewish guy reads this email me!
How many days are there for Chanukah?
A) 7
B) 1103
C) 609
D) 8
Which of the following is (in your opinion) the best Chanukah present?
A) Latkes
C) Candles
D) Kayla!
What is your favorite Chanukah food?
A) Latkes
B) Chocolate coins
C) Candle Wax
What are you giving Kayla for Chanukah?;)
B) Chocolate
D) A Dreidel outfit!
What is your favorite part of Chanukah?
A) The different ways of spelling Hanukah
B) Gambling with a dreidel
C) Playing with fire... I mean lighting Candles
D) Chanukah bushes (ask me if you don't know what that is)
E) Dancing the Hora
Which is your favorite Hebrew letter on the dreidel?
A) Nun
B) Gimel
C) Hey
D) Shin
What is your favorite smell during Chanukah?
A) The Latkes
B) The Chanukah bush
C) The smoke from the buring candles
What is the best Chanukah song? (If you don't know any I'll be more than happy to sing some for you!)
A) The dreidel song (Dreidel Driedel Dridel, I made it out of clay...)
B) The latkes song (Oh I love latkes, yes I love latkes...)
C) The Judea Macabee song (Oh Judea Macabee, Judea Macabee...)
D) Chanukah candle song (1 candle buring bright, on the first Chanukah night, now we light the candl
E) The prayer for the Chanukah candles (Baruch ata Adonai elohenu meloch haolam...)
What is the Sexiest part of Chanukah?
A) Kayla playing with fire!
B) Kayla pretending to be a spinning dreidel!
C) Kayla speaking Hebrew!
D) Kayla in a dreidel outfit, saying "Play With Me!
This poll was created on 2001-12-09 01:58:32 by perki_blond