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Bane vs Wonder Woman

Bane battles Wonder Woman in a pitched fight.
Bane vs Wonder Woman, which version of each character?
Bane without Venom
Bane with venom
Wonder Woman TV
Gai Gadot Wonder Woman
comic book WOnder Woman
Winning strike
Bane delivers powerful gut punch to Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman uses her lasso to subdue him
Wonder Woman face punch, smashes Bane's venom
Bane takes her belt and lasso, gives her devastating punches
What does victor do to loser?
Wonder Woman captures Bane, sends to prison
Wonder Woman beheads Bane
Bane breaks Wonder Woman's back
Bane strips Wonder Woman, tosses her away
Bane rapes Wonder Woman, makes her his slave
This poll was created on 2021-10-17 01:55:27 by DVPCreations