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Anime, Why?

I'm just wondering why so many people prefer anime to cartoons. This poll is a result of my being left alone too long with nothing to do.^-^ enjoy! (hopefull)
What is it that you find so interesting about anime that you like it better then cartoons or other television series?
The characters of course!
The plot, other shows don't seem to have one of those!
The eyes (^^;;)
It's different!
All of the above!
Anime is eeeevil >:|
If you like anime (and if you're here I'm presuming you do) what kind do you like the best?
Homour :D
Romance ;o
Fantasy/adventure :o)
Angst <:(
Dark >:D
Is it just me, or are most of the female characters REALLY annoying???? (sorry, I couldn't resist putting this in here)
About 50 percent of them, but the other half are all cool!
I dunno...
No! They all rock! :D
They all suck!!! >:{
Do you prefer dubbed or subbed, if you do like anime?
Dubbed, The voices are usually pretty good :)
I don't really care
I hate anime in all it's formes >:p
Subbed, they usually screw up the dubbed voices...
Do you like video games too? Please read the questions carefully.
I like video games and do NOT like anime
I like video games and I DO like anime
I don't like video games and DO like anime
I don't like video games OR anime
I hate both of the >:p
Do you like books at all?
Books are cool!! :D
Yeah, I guess books are OK...
I'll read one if I'm forced too >:|
Gawd no!! Not a book!! :O
This poll was created on 2001-12-18 03:49:40 by sagwa666