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I witnessed a catfight!

If you saw a catfight unfold, please tell us what you saw.

Who were the fighters?

0% (0) Both average size
0% (0) Models!

0 voters have answered this question.

How would you describe the kind of fight?

0% (0) Neither could fight well, but they made up for it in sexiness!
0% (0) One-sided
0% (0) Close fight
0% (0) They fought to really hurt the other (mostly punches and kicks)
0% (0) Mostly hairpulling

0 voters have answered this question.

If the fight started to go to one of the women...

0% (0) She knocked the other bitch out!
0% (0) It got broken up
0% (0) One of the woman's breasts came out!
0% (0) Both women ended up topless
0% (0) It became an all out strip match!
0% (0) The winner forced the other to admit defeat

0 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2022-04-03 16:28:48 by CFKING
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