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Tim's ten year old sister

Tim is an average sixteen year old boy who is bullied by his ten year old sister what should she be like?
What is she called
Compared to Tim how tall is she
A lot shorter
A little shorter
About the same height
A little taller
A lot taller
How muscular is she compared to Tim
A lot less muscular
A bit less muscular
About the same build
A bit more muscular
A lot more muscular
How strong is she compared to Tim
Almost as strong
Easily as strong
A bit stronger
A lot stronger
More than twice as strong
More than ten times as strong
How does she bully Tim
Wrestles him into submission
Punching him until he submits or is Koed.
Brutalises him with MMA skills
All of the above.
who does she bully Tim in front of
her friends
his friends
Their parents and relatives
his girlfriend
her boyfriend
Why doesn't anyone help Tim
They enjoy watching Tim being beaten and humiliated by his sister
They have tried to help and been unable to
She is so strong they are scared to try
can Tim's sister pick him up?
lift him off the ground with both hands
Lift and carry him with both hands.
lift him over her head with both hands.
lift and carry him with one hand.
Lift him over her head with one hand.
has she ever beaten up their father at the same time just because she can?
Has she ever met anyone she couldn't beat?
There are a few older women and girls she is avoiding.
No so far she is invincible.
This poll was created on 2021-12-03 15:58:37 by baron22