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girls who beat up superheroes

I love fanfic about women and particularly girls beating up male superheroes. what should they be like and how should they behave.
how old were they when they started beating up male heroes
Under ten
ten to twelve
Young adult
Do they wear a Lycra superhuman costume.
How muscular are they?
Normal for a girl their age.
old school female bodybuilder
Modern heavyweight female bodybuilder
Modern heavyweight male bodybuilder.
Beyond human.
How would their strength compare to superman
About the same so everyone else is easy
a bit stronger so they can beat him every time.
Much stronger beating him would be easy.
so strong that beating superhero team is just too easy.
How tall is she?
Normal for her age.
About average for a grown woman.
About average for a grown man.
six foot.
As tall as most superheroes.
Easily the tallest person in any situation.
Why is she doing this?
It's fun for her.
Her people sent her to take over the earth as they don't think it warrants an grown woman's time.
She is just a show off.
She has been genetically engineered and trained by a supervillain to do what he can't.
This poll was created on 2021-12-12 15:40:11 by baron22