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Decide her fate again!

In a previous poll (link in the messages section) me and my friends asked if we should make an acquaintance of ours walk through the local park wearing a little less than she would prefer ;-) The poll came back with a resounding "yes" so we were able to carry this out a few weeks ago. She had a five minute walk and the only time people came by she was able to stay pretty well out of sight (obviously for the best). My friends and I have been talking about doing it again and I figured that meant it was time for another poll! In the hopes of being completely up front about this, she wasn't happy with the previous walk and I doubt that she will be any happier a second time. If that effects your answer I totally understand.
Does our acquaintance get to take a second walk?
No, she's had enough.
The last time the poll said she should be barefoot as well- should she be barefoot the second time as well.
Of course barefoot!
At least let her keep her shoes.
You don't care either way.
Last time she had about a five minute walk through the park- should we make it longer this time?
Five minutes is plenty.
She can walk for ten minutes this time.
Aim for fifteen minutes if you can!
One of my friends is insisting that we should keep her clothes until she walks back to her house- I do not think this is a good idea but she really wants me to list the question. She would have to cross a suburb street to get there and walk past a few houses in a neighborhood- thus why I think it's not a great idea. But the choice is yours!
Yes, escort her home like that.
No, she can get dressed before things go that far.
This question is not required- if you said that she shouldn't take a second walk, you can say why here if you wish.
This poll was created on 2022-07-30 18:01:53 by KellyTheGreat2