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The creators at marvel have recently desided to change to appearance of one of the x-mens best loved character to something far less human. I hate them for it, so who has the sense to see this.
Is it wrong that they changed the beasts beloved appearance
yes, I love his origanal beast from.
no, I hate mutants and don't care.
changed is stupid.
Should marvel be damed for doing this act of stupidity?
yes, burn them.
no, I have a penut growing out of my head.
marvel have really screwed it this time.
Hasn't marvel been screwing a lot of stuff up of recent, with killing characters and f**king up the ones that arn't dead.
no, dur
Marvel has been really depressing me of late, shouldn't they get their act together in these dark times, rather then throwing wood on the fire.
clean up and get a clue
let them at it, so eventually, no one reads marvel
I miss the good old days
This poll was created on 2001-12-26 13:26:55 by MRegan