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KoRn: FaMiLy VaLueS

Lately you either luv KoRn or hate em. Personally, i luv em. If your a fan & wanna talk bout KoRn, feel free to e-mail me. Vote here about how you feel about Jon & the crew.
What do you think of KoRn since they changed their music style on 'FoLLoW tHe LeAdER'?
still AWESOME as ever
not bad
i prefer the old KoRn stuff
it sux
KoRn sux
Overall, what do you think of KoRn?
they're #1
pretty decent
i prefer Marilyn Manson
KoRny as hell
i prefer Barry Manilow
What's yer fave album?
KoRn (self titled album)
Life Is Peachy
Follow the Leader
didn't like any of em
Have you seen the KoRn Family Values Tour?
Yes, of course
Of course not
Can you relate to the music Jonathan Davis sings?
Yes, totally.
Who's yer favorite in the band?
Jon Davis
Brian (Head)
Question for the girls out there & some of the guys....whattya think of Jon?
he's totally HOT
he's cute
i don't see it
not my type
Who would you rather see KoRn work with next?
Bloodhound Gang
Cypress Hill
Method Man
Marky Ramone
Backstreet Boys (ech!)
This poll was created on 1999-01-10 18:47:18 by MPC2657087774