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Did bin Laden win over Bush ?

It seems that Bush has more military power, but bin Laden has more brain. Who has the better tactics?
Bin Ladens primary goal was to destabilize the corrupt and repressive Saudi dictator regime. Do you think he succeeded?
Yes, the Saudi dictator regime gets more critic from US than ever before
No, the US support for the Saudi dictator family is stronger than ever
I see no change in the US support for the Saudi dictatorship
Bin Laden's strategy to reach his goal included causing harm to the US, the primary supporters of the Saudi dictator regime. Which way of harm was he aiming for in your opinion?
Financial harm
Harm to freedom
Harm to information (diversity of media)
Insult of US
Financial Harm: which is the most severe financial harm in your opinion?
Value of twin towers and other buildings
Value of failed businesses
Value of 300 bio. government spending increase by Bush
Some argue that bin Laden has manipulated Bush into becoming a terrorist himself. What is your opinion.
I agree. Bush has killed thousands of innocent Afghanis, which is a terrorist act.
I do not agree. Bush was already a terrorist before 9-11, killing thousands by air pollution
I do not agree. Only non-Americans that kill are terrorists. Hence Bush cannot be a terrorist.
Some argue that bin Laden has also succeeded in cutting the freedom of press. You hardly hear the arguments against US politics. What is in your opinion the reason for the one-sided media?
I suppose the media has cencured itself voluntarily
I suppose the media was censured by government
I suppose the media thinks we are idiots and cannot understand complicated matters
I think media realized that people in US are too thumb to understand the full compexity
Some argue that bin Laden has succeeded in curbing freedom in US. What do you think?
Yes - all the security control is getting worse than in a communist country.
Yes - government is getting bigger
Yes - government is controlling phone and email like in a dictatorship
No - I don't mind our government taping phone lines and email like in a dictatorship
Who needs freedom anyway
Do you think Bush and his government is over reacting?
Yes - big time. We should try to get back to normal.
Yes, but even worse - he is reacting in a wrong way.
Yes, this overreaction just proves that bin Laden has succeeded in stirring up the US.
Bush should stop backing non-democratic dictatorships, then terrorism would decline
No - I think it is ok that Bush exploits 9-11 for his own agenda.
This poll was created on 2002-02-06 03:38:04 by verakehrli