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Hi what do you think should happen to those nasty terrorists?
Do you think the twin tower terrorists should be punished severely?
Yes definatly
No not really
Don't know
How do you think they should be punished?
Hung, drawn and quatered.
Life imprisonment
Mentally broken
They should be let go scott free
Would you die for your country if it meant revenge on terrorists?
Yes it is my duty
No way i'm not that stupud!
Don't know
Do you think the twin towers should be rebuilt or replaced?
Yes it will show America will not be defeated
No it will only provoke more attacks
Not sure
And finally, do you really think Bin Laden was to blame?
Yes its obvious
No there is no solid proof
Not sure
This poll was created on 2002-03-11 19:52:48 by cazaline16_2000