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Alcohol Vs. Marijuana - Which is worse?

One is legal the other is not. Do the laws make sense as they are?
What is your age?
Under 20
21 - 25
26 - 34
35 and over
What is your gender?
Marijuana is illegal except for extreme medical use, is the law fair?
Yes, it should be outlawed completely
No, they should allow it for more medical uses
No, it should be legal over age 21
No, it should be legalized without limitations
Alcohol is legal over 21 is most states, is this law fair ?
Yes, under 21 is just too young to be drinking
No, they should raise the drinking age somewhat
No, they should lower the drinking age to 18
No, they should make alcohol illegal entirely
Between Marijuana and Alcohol, which would most likely lead to an automobile accident in your opinion?
Alcohol would
They are equally dangerous on the road
Neither are dangerous - it's using them accessively that risks an accident
Between marijuana and alcohol, which drug is most addictive in your opinion?
Marijuana is more addictive
Alcohol is more addictive
They are equally addictive
Between marijuana and alcohol, which drug influences a person to commit crimes in your opinion?
Their equal
Drugs have no effect on criminal behavior
Between marijuana and alcohol, which drug is most destructive on the human body ?
They are equal
I believe they both are destructive but helpful in ways as well
Between marijuana and alcohol, which drug would mostly like cause a fight
They are equal
Drugs don't cause fights, idiots do
Between marijuana and alcohol, which drug should be legal ?
Both should be legal
Alcohol legal / Marijuana illegal
Marijuana legal / Alcohol illegal
Both should be illegal
This poll was created on 2002-03-17 23:09:04 by thalunaticpage