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º•M*A*S*H Poll•º

Just a poll of what you like and don't about the show. :) I'll do my best! :)
Do you like the M*A*S*H movie or the TV show more?
the movie
the TV show
I love both!
I hate both of them..
Which cast of characters on the show do you like more?
Trapper, Colonel Blake, Frank Burns
BJ, Colonel Potter, Charles
I like them both, as long as they're in the show, I love them!
It really doesn't matter to me..
Who is the better 'second banana'?
I like both
I don't think Hawkeye should've had a 'second banana'
Who is the more attractive 'second banana'?
Trapper (^_^)
I told you, I like both of them!!
I don't think either is attractive..
Do you prefer Frank Burns or Charles Winchester III?
It doesn't matter to me!
Henry Blake or Colonel Potter?
What do you think of Klinger's character?
He's funny, of course!
He's OK
I don't really have an opinion of him
Freaks me out.. wearing dresses all the time..
Do you like Father Mulcahy?
Like yeah! He's on the show so of course I like him!!
Yes, where would M*A*S*H be without him??
I think he's alright
No, the show doesn't need him or anything..
Do you think Hot Lips is attractive?
Yeah, she's a total blonde babe!
She's pretty I guess..
I don't know..
She's too bossy
I prefer brunettes/redheads/whatever
Which of Harry Morgan's characters do you prefer?
Colonel Potter, of course!
General Steele, he was crazy!
Uhhh... General Steele?!
Do you like the deranged Colonel Flagg?
Yep! Cracked me up!
Sure, why not
I don't care..
No, not at all
I don't remember any Colonel Flagg..
Your opinion of Radar's teddy bear?
He's cute!
I have no opinion of teddy bears..
It's a stuffed animal for Pete's sake! Who cares?
I hate it! The bear must be killed..
Is Hawkeye your favorite character?
Of course! He's the star!
He's great and all, but he's not my favorite
He's the worst person in the show!
I like all the people the same
Have you seen any of the M*A*S*H spinoffs?
One or two
All of them
I don't even know what you're talking about!
If yes, which one/s and did you like them?
Trapper John, M.D. and liked it
Trapper John, M.D. and didn't like it
After M*A*S*H and liked it
After M*A*S*H and didn't like it
W*A*L*T*E*R and liked it
W*A*L*T*E*R and didn't like it
What do you think of 'Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen' (final episode/movie thing)?
I loved it
Made me cry
I wish the show hadn't ended
I didn't like it
I could have made the ending better
I haven't seen it..
Your gender?
Your age group?
12 or younger
101 or older
Is M*A*S*H the greatest show ever made?
Yes sir!
Well, I like it and all, but..
It's OK
Nah, there are definitely better ones out there
Of course not! It's the worst!
This poll was created on 2002-08-08 03:00:04 by º•Cosmic Potato•º