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Why are African American Women so angry?

I have answered many polls on interracial dating, I have also watched many talk shows on interracial dating, and it seems like African American women are angry at either Caucasian Women for dating African American Men, or African American men dating white women, and I want to know are you mad at the white women, or the black men?
How old are you
Are you...
African American
American Indian
If you are an African American Female, and you are angry about Black Men dating outside their race,please answer why, and if the answer is not there, please select OTHER
Black Men should be with their own race
Black Men make their race look bad because, dating outside their race has always been wrong and alwa
White women know nothing about the black culture
White women arent as attractive as black women
White women could never do what a black woman could do for a black man.
Black men dont give black women a chance
Black men hate their own race and use white women to make themselves feel better.
Do you think that because of what happened in the past with the Whites and Blacks that, that is good enough reason to disagree with interracial relationships?
Yes, I can never forgive, even though it wasnt the whites of present day who did anything wrong.
NO, that has nothing to do with it.
I have no idea why I am against it, even though times are changing.
If a White woman could treat a black man right in all ways possible, and you knew this, would you still be against interracial dating?
Yes, Its just plain wrong!
No, if I saw the white women treated the man well, I would change my views.
No opinion
If you were blind,and met a man who treated you with great respect and you didnt know he was a white man, but yet you dont like dating outside your race, and nobody told you he was white and you married him, would you divorce him if later you found out he was white?
Of course, I would never date or marry outside my race, no matter how good he was to me.
No, thats just plain stupid and ignorant!
No opinion
LAST ONE!. Dont you think times are changing and its time to let go of issues and accept everyone (because it is kinda racist if you think about it)
No, I will never change, Ill be like this until the day I die.
Yes, it is about time I accept people for who they are and not what they do or look like.
No opinion
This poll was created on 2002-04-21 01:36:19 by Jill1565021