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Campagn finance reform would strictly regulate, if not completely stop, big businesses (oil companies, tobacco companies, auto makers, etc.) from being able to donate large sums of money to candidates running for political office. The theoretical result would be that politicians would be able to create better policy for the COUNTRY and the PEOPLE, without having to worry about satisfying the needs of big corporations who gave them mucho $$$ when they were running for office, and now expect a "return" on their investment.
How important an issue would you say campaign finance reform is?
One of the most important.
Very important.
Not very important.
Not at all important.
Do you consider yourself a(n):
John McCain, the Republican Senator from Arizona, is a major proponent of campaign finance reform. Would you vote for him for President?
If you answered NO, why wouldn't you?
I never vote Republican, no matter what.
I don't think John McCain would make a good president, regardless of his party.
To what degree do you believe the government is controlled by special interest groups (big businesses)?
Almost completely.
Very much.
Not very much.
I am deluded and think that big money doesn't control the gov't at all.
This poll was created on 2002-05-23 01:06:10 by Alzare