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Celebrity Legs Strength

Which of the following celebrities has the stronger legs?? (Please, write in the message area your comments, what you think about female legs strength, and if i forgot some celebrity!)
Which of the following singers has the stronger legs?
Britney Spears
Gery Hallywell
Victoria Adams
Emma Buntom
Melanie Chilsholm
Melanie Brown
Samantha Fox
Maiah Carey
Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)
Sherly Crow
Jennifer Lopez
Which of the following tennis player has the stronger legs?
Martina Higgins
Steffi Graf
Mary Pierce
Arantcha Santchez
Venus Williams
Serena Williams
Anna kournicova
Gabriella Sabatini
Which of the following actress has the stronger legs?
Sandra Bullok
Meg Ryan
Demi Moore
Theresa Russel
Elisabeth Shue
Salma Ayek
Anne Heche
Mira Sorvino
Asia Argento
Heather Grahm
Kim Basinger
Goldie Hawn
Jennifer Aniston
Hellen Barkin
Brook Shields
Kate Winslet
Helen Hunt
Nicole Kidman
Melissa J. Hart
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