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Britney or Shakira -- who is stronger?

This poll is one way to prove whether Britney Spears and Shakira really are similar -- let us decide their relative STRENGTHS!
First, how should they fight?
Wrestle naked
Wrestle clothed
Catfight naked
Catfight clothed
Box naked and bare-knuckled
Box clothed and bare-knuckled
Box naked with boxing gloves
Box clothed with boxing gloves
Box naked with a knuckle-duster or chain
Box clothed with a knuckle-duster or chain
Swordfight, naked
Swordfight, clothed
Spiked mace fight, naked
Spiked mace fight, clothed
Who cares? -- just make sure the fight is extremely violent!
This poll was created on 2002-07-14 19:03:47 by Alison Marsh