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Anime / Manga


DBZCCGTips Poll - Which Character from the Trunks Saga... 2001-06-19
Which Main Personality from the Trunks Saga in the DBZCCG has the overall best personality abilit...
Favorite Anime/Game theme 2001-06-13
From various Animes and Games, come timeless classic themes, intros, endings, and then some.
Digimon vs. Pokemon 2001-05-08
Have you ever flipped the TV on and seen the insane hype for these two shows? Well my speech tea...
Gundam Wing 2001-04-29
1 2 3 vote!!
dragonballz 2001-04-28
dbz ROCKS!!!!!
Sailor Moon Quiz 2001-04-16
If you get all of the questions right you win.
DBZ/DBGT 2001-03-24
Please only choose 1-3 Characters please. Thank You. ^_^
Digimon Poll 2001-03-24
I prefer to skip an introduction....... JUST TAKE THE FREAKIN' POLL!
Gundam Wing 2001-03-17
Waazzzup, pick your fav. Gunam Wing character and mobile suit
Anime Poll 2001-03-13
Here's a poll asking you an anime question.
Torgo's Ultimate Anime Survey 2001-03-10
Hiya you like polls? You like anime? You like my site? Then you'll like this poll!
Ultra Anime Poll: Issue #5: Tenchi Muyo! Edition 1 2001-02-27
I've been busy these few days, after finally getting my hands on a (pirated) copy of Unreal Tourn...
dragonballz poll 2001-02-09
dragonballz poll
Best Anime Movie Ever? 2001-02-05
What is the Best Anime Movie you have ever seen?
gundam wing 2001-01-19
gundams how do you like them
Dbz cool poll 2000-12-29
this is a cool. and its about who is stronger.
Beautiful Soldier Sailor Moon Poll 2000-12-27
this is a poll about everyone's opinion about the anime Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z 2000-12-23
Hey all i have some questions that i want your opinion to.
Dragonball Z Weird poll 1 2000-12-20
A weird poll
The Tenchi Muyo Poll 2000-12-16
Choose your favorite Tenchi series, movie, and character. *=Author's Picks.
DBZ Poll 2000-12-08
This poll title says it all and answer it please.
The GREAT Anime poll ^_^ 2000-11-29
Okay, well maybe it's not GREAT. But check it out anyway!
Who should Tenchi marry? 2000-11-22
For this poll, you have to choose which character best suits that catagory. After you're finishe...
DragonballZ 2000-05-29
Dragonball Z is great Most of the questions are about Nappa and Vegeta
DRAGONBALL Z 2000-05-04
For people who likes Dragonball Z