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Anime / Manga


Fill in your own Narruto Application(Create your own Naruto ninja) 2009-02-04
Have you always dreamed of being a Naruto ninja?or ever wanted to FEEL like you were in Naruto?We...
Detective Conan' Character Poll! 2010-08-04
Vote for your favorite characters!
Your Own Anime Slave 2009-06-03
What would you do if you could take a girl from an anime and make her your slave?
Favorite character on the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! 2004-12-30
Who is your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character from the following.
Naruto vs One Piece 2012-03-15
Which is the best all around?!
Code Geass Poll 2014-10-20
A special poll for CG fans. For haters please stay away.
Code Geass & Death Note 2009-10-11
Code Geass and Death Note have a lot in common. Which parts do you like better?
General Dragon Ball Z Poll 2006-06-15
Just to find out general peoples views and opinion's on character's, saga's & more
Naruto vs DBZ 2007-03-07
Okay, I like both shows, but I'm just wondering which you think is best
Death Note Poll 2006-03-21
No spoilers here, except for the identity of some characters.
Anime poll 2016-01-11
Anime poll
To-LOVE-ru Lala-or-Haruna Poll 2009-08-31
Who among these contenders do love most at Rito's side? Cast your choice!
Bleach Couples 2009-02-27
Please vote for ur favorite bleach couples
Naruhina vs Narusaku 2009-08-01
Ok people i would really like to know who you would like Naruto to be with of the two
Fate/Stay Night - Which Route is your favorite? 2014-04-14
This poll is really only one question long and it's only for those people who have played the Fat...
Favorite pokemon starter 2016-10-30
A poll on your favorite pokemon starters
Favorite Pokemon Poll 2008-06-04
Pick your favorite in each section. You can base it on looks, how well it battles in the games, w...
NaruHina or NaruSaku 2014-01-06
This poll is to see which Naruto Couple you would prefer NaruHina or Narusaku to see get together...
About Totally Spies characters 2016-09-24
About Totally Spies characters
Who's Your Favorite Naruto Pairing? 2006-06-16
Vote for your favorite Naruto couple.
Dragon Ball Couples 2008-09-07
Who belongs with who? (In your mind at least) Maybe you agree with canon couples and maybe you do...
AnimeOTK Community Poll 2017-09-19
A poll for the AnimeOTK community
Sekirei poll 2010-03-27
A poll about the manga Sekirei.
Your Anime Harem 2009-06-25
What if you could make your own harem out of girls from animes and mangas. Who would you put in i...
The HUGE Anime Poll 2005-04-26
We all love it and we can't live without it, hail anime!