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Anime / Manga


What Pokemon are you? 2009-10-02
Ever want to know what Pokemon you are? In this ULTIMATE test, you get to find out! I will be add...
Metal Fight Beyblade Character Poll 2013-06-26
For MFB fans, vote for your favorite characters in here!
Hayate No Gotoku 2010-05-29
some poll questions about the popular anime/manga serie hayate No gotoku =D
What do you think of the 'Pedophilia'-couple Pan x Trunks? 2007-08-14
I'm just interested in your thoughts of this disgusting couple...in Dragonball GT Trunks is 28 an...
To-LOVE-ru Black's Intentions Poll 2009-05-30
Black's intentions are still shrouded in mystery...
To-LOVE-ru Black's Arc Poll 2009-06-06
It was an epic arc of suspense, drama and mystery. Do you think the same?
Adult Art 2011-03-22
a survey about adult artwork and hentai. All answers are anonymous.
YuGiOh Poll 2006-06-09
Another random anime poll from Mooney! THAT'S ME! HAHA!
favorite DBZ character overall 2007-09-30
as in moves or blasts
To-LOVE-ru Black Cat Poll 2009-05-16
Black cats have always been a sign of bad luck and misforturne... For To-LOVE-ru, it might announ...
Air Gear Couples 2009-05-28
Naruto Vs Aang 2012-05-18
Ok, Pretty much Aang can go all out and as crazy as he wants. Aang can also go into his super for...
who's hotter itachi or sasuke? 2007-07-22
this is a poll over the uchiha brothers,ive always liked itachi better but i wondered who has mor...
Anime Terms 2007-08-18
Do you know Anime porn terms? Poll of common anime porn terms execpt shounen-ai and stuff caz t...
Anime vs. cartoons 2008-03-04
Anime vs. cartoons
Dragon Ball vs Dragon Ball Z vs Dragon Ball GT 2009-04-09
Ultimate Best Anime Ever *Howls Moving Castle edition* 2015-06-21
Which anime is the best?
Cosplay and Roleplaying 2006-05-17
For all girls who enjoys costume play and roleplaying
Your Favourite Genre 2007-03-17
You know there is always something in common about all your favourite anime and it has to be its ...
Favorit Harem Anime Girl 2009-06-05
Who is your favorit girl from a harem anime? The animes I've put in are Love Hina, Negima!, Ai Yo...
Best Anime Ever Round 7 2015-04-18
Best Anime Ever Round 7
Avatar the Last Airbender Ultimate Ship Poll 2022-12-30
Click ships that you actually support please.
Which Rurouni Kenshin character is the best? 2005-10-11
This has as many Kenshin characters listed as I could remember. So, choose the best of all! (Not...
Your favorite Naruto Character 2006-07-22
Who is your favorite naruto character?
Giant Robot 2009-08-03
What if you pilot a giant robot? What does it look like? What does it do. I put in options form s...