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Anime / Manga


Official Pokemon "What If" 2010-09-16
An official "what if" exclusively for pokemon!
What Country Do You Prefer Out Of These? 2011-04-05
I'm planning out my Axis Powers Hetalia OC, but I ca't think of a country for her.
Who would win in a fight? 2011-04-05
Which ones would win against the other? It's entirely your opinion.
Yaoi/shonen ai 2011-05-16
Just curious about knowing peoples view on yaoi.
hottest anime girl 2011-08-14
hottest anime girl
Favorite Anime 2011-09-14
I already made a poll like this but this one is updated.
Who is the cutest girls in To-Love-Ru 2012-02-22
Who is the cutest girls in To-Love-Ru
Which is the strongest anime 2012-02-22
Which is the strongest anime
Names For New DBZ Game 2012-10-01
I've come up with a list of names to name the next dbz game, this is my opion, and I have no conn...
Avatar - The Last Airbender Series 2012-10-10
I just watched the series in the last 2 days, and thought it was awesome. Let's hear what you guy...
Cartoon Network Poll 2012-10-22
Cartoon Network Poll
Naruto 2013-02-05
Favorite anime shows 2013-03-28
Listed in this poll are some of the most popular anime cartoons ever made. Which ones are your a...
Ash Ketchum's ideal team (Pokemon fans only) 2013-04-04
Ever wanted to construct Ash's ideal Pokemon team from the anime? Voice your opinion here! This...
create a anime guy 2013-05-13 (closed)
create anime guy that you would like .
Best Anime Ever Round 4 DOUBLE OVERTIME 2014-09-15
Best Anime Ever Round 4 DOUBLE OVERTIME
DRAGONBALL Z 2000-05-04
For people who likes Dragonball Z
Beautiful Soldier Sailor Moon Poll 2000-12-27
this is a poll about everyone's opinion about the anime Sailor Moon
Digimon vs. Pokemon 2001-05-08
Have you ever flipped the TV on and seen the insane hype for these two shows? Well my speech tea...
Pokemon!!! 2001-06-21
This is just for general interest, please answer as many questions as you can.
Sailor Moon or CardcaptorSakura? 2001-12-16
Which do you think is better? Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura?
Anime, Why? 2001-12-18
I'm just wondering why so many people prefer anime to cartoons. This poll is a result of my being...
DBZ poll 2002-05-06
I just want to see what people realy think of the hit show dragonball Z
The best dragonballz/matrix/otherstuffilike poll ever! 2003-10-28
This is a poll for people who like Dragonball Z, The Matrix/animatrix, and lots more stuff with c...
Best gundam series of all time 2003-12-12
every single gundam series is listed. which is the best of the best?