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Anime / Manga


Inuyasha vs Ranma 1/2 2008-06-22
Two of the greatest manga/animes of all time clash. Which one of Rumiko Takahashi's legends will ...
awsome naruto poll 2008-07-08
awsome naruto poll
The Avatar Poll 2008-07-22
This is a poll to see who wants to be what kind benders in the Avatar world. This poll is base on...
Anime 2008-10-29
Bleach Unlimited 2009-02-13
About Couple's, Character's, Zanpakuto's,& Division's.
Bleach 2009-03-07
Goku vs Superman 2009-03-25
Goku vs Superman
Winx Club 2009-05-21
do you like it? why? what couples do you like? how often do you watch it? etc.
What's Your Geass? 2009-06-05
In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch has the power of the king, "Geass". It...
What is my best anime? 2009-06-12
I have a lot of anime in my DVD collection. Which do think is best? Also vist the sister poll h...
The Best of Anime (Miscellaneous) 2009-06-24
Vote for your favorite anime in miscallaneous categories. I put in characters from animes and man...
Shikamaru should be with 2009-07-24
Shikamaru should be with
The Best Anime 2009-07-25
I have already watched a lot of anime but I dont know what's the best. pls, vote for your fave an...
Anime Couples 2 2009-08-14
In lots of anime and manga, the protagonist often has more than one option for who she'll end up ...
Naruto - Fight 2009-08-15
Naruto - Fight
What would you wish were your pactio card and artifact? 2009-09-24
Make your own pactio based on these questions, may not be complete though.
Naruto WoW 2009-12-08
What if naruto character played world of warcraft? what race would they be? What class? well i'm ...
The Best of Anime (Animals) 2009-12-12
Vote for your favorite animals from animes. Also take <a href='http://www.misterpoll.com/poll...
The Best Anime 2009-12-21
which is the best anime
Best Gundam Series 2010-01-19
This will decide the true shining star of the Gundam anime franchise. I will not be including the...
Dragonball z vs poll 2010-03-22
Battles everyone wants to see!
Junjou Romantica 2010-05-02
Just a poll dedicated to my favorite shounen-ai anime and manga. I can't get enough of polls when...
Best Anime Villain Organization 2010-06-05
Best Anime Villain Organization
Favourite Bleach Character Poll 2010-06-16
Favourite Bleach Character Poll
K-on, I would do this with... 2010-07-14
K-on, I would do this with...