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The Gauntlet III: Canadian Showdown 2016-12-26
After the success of the British Gauntlet, a number of Canadian celebrities decide that they shou...
Emma fights the Stars 2016-12-06
Who would win a fight over their co-star?
Felicity Jones Wrestling/ Fighting 2016-11-29
Could Rogue One's lead actress Felicity Jones win a fight or wrestling match against a male? Chec...
nicola peltz and love 2016-11-24
who would be the ideal lover for nicola?
Today's stars versus yesterday's 2 Finals 2016-11-23 (closed)
Imagine the divas in their best days... who is stronger?
Wrestling against Kaley Cuoco 2016-11-23
I am wondering what would happen if I wrestle Kaley Cuoco. Kaley is 5'7, weighs 130 pounds and is...
Pretty Girls' Catty Fight 15 2016-11-23
Lucy Pinder, Emma Watson, Louise Redknapp and Gemma Bissix in a fight...
who would you marry? 2016-11-23
think it over: one day she's not going to be a star anymore and you will still have 50 years to g...
super catty fights 1 2016-11-17
a tiny tournament...
Today's stars versus yesterday's 2 Semi-Finals 2016-11-17 (closed)
Imagine the divas in their best days... who is stronger?
the vampire diaries vs. harry potter 2016-11-17 (closed)
which girl is stronger?
Mila Kunis Wrestling & Fighting 2016-11-17
Could the small but tough Mila Kunis defeat a male in mixed combat? Click the name to check ou...
Pretty Girls' Catty Fight 14 2016-11-17
Isla Fisher, Emma Watson, Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller in a fight...
The Gauntlet: British Bombshells 2016-11-17
In order to generate some more publicity a UK media company decides to get together some of the h...
Hogwarts Love Affair 2016-11-09
Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) has always been attractive to both sexes. Let's look at her HP gir...
Dominating Celebs in Wrestling - Taylor Swift 2016-11-08
How would you defeat Taylor Swift in a wrestling match?
Pretty Girls' Catty Fight 13 2016-11-08
Madison Riley, Lindsey Morgan, Emma Watson and Christian Serratos in a fight...
Margot Robbie fights 2016-11-08
Margot Robbie decides to try to prove that she's one of the toughest bitches in Hollywood by taki...
Today's stars versus yesterday's 2 Quarter Finals 2016-11-05 (closed)
Imagine the divas in their best days... who is stronger?
The CW actresses and the gauntlet 2016-10-28
In order to generate buzz for their TV shows the CW Network decides on a rather unique publicity ...
Christina Hendricks Wrestling/ Fighting 2016-10-26
Could busty Mad Men star Christina Hendricks defeat a male in a mixed wrestling match or fight? ...
pretty girls in an ugly fight 2 2016-10-23
who wins?
Today's stars versus yesterday's 2 2016-10-23 (closed)
Imagine the divas in their best days... who is stronger?
exciting teams in exciting catfights - part 8 2016-10-23
which team is stronger?
Love you too 2016-10-23
Emma Watson's amorous adventures...