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Emma Watson in the fight of her life 2022-12-30
An ageing Emma decides to boost her career by fighting and (hopefully) winning against an other C...
Belen Rodriguez vs Kate Li, who is prettier? 2022-12-30
Belen Rodriguez vs Kate Li, who is prettier?
Nata Lee VS Catalina Otalvaro, who is prettier? 2022-12-30
Hi, this is a challenge for the final of a tournament, please share it with your friends, anyone...
oh no, not another anglo-indian final! 2022-12-30
a fierce battle!
Choose a celebrity to have dinner with and one to spank you. 2022-12-30
A fantasy of selecting one from each group of four to have dinner with and another or the same on...
Who's your favorite female celebrity 2022-12-30
Who's your favorite female celebrity
Pretty girls fighting 2022-12-30
Who would win these fights?
Do you girls squish bugs? 2022-12-30
Do you girls squish bugs?
Celebrity Tickling 7 2022-12-30
Celebrity Tickling 7
Celebrity Tickling 6 2022-12-30
Celebrity Tickling 6
Gal Gadot vs Daisy Ridley 2022-12-30
Gal Gadot and Daisy Ridley compete in a wrestling match. Who wins? By what method?
Celebrity Tickling 5 2022-12-30
Celebrity Tickling 5
Celebrity Tickling 4 2022-12-30
Celebrity Tickling 4
Celebrity Tickling 3 2022-03-03
Celebrity Tickling 3
Celebrity Tickling 2 2022-03-03
Celebrity Tickling 2
Celebrity Tickling 2022-03-03
Celebrity Tickling
celebs 50+ 2022-01-04
Beautiful female celebs 50 years and older. Some of these ladies proove, that becoming older doe...
Celebrity Wrestling Gauntlet - Weakies Edition 2022-01-04
Could mp's frequently voted weak celebrities defeat a weak male in combat? Features Olivia Rodrig...
Vote here for your favorite Celebrity to win Misterpoll Survivor and vote off your least favorite...
Celebrity Match: Karlie Kloss vs Daniel Radcliffe (pics!) - who wins a fight ? 2021-08-04
In this new poll we'll send tall model Karlie and short actor Daniel in a series of fight competi...
To showing you just what am I. 2021-02-07
... I use this way to present to me in anyway... to present a little bit of my world. Why???... W...
More celebs pummeling each other for your entertainment! 2021-02-01
Yep back at it again. Title match this time!!!
Sophie Turner Wrestling / Fighting 2021-01-13
Could the tall Game of Thrones and X-Men star Sophie Turner defeat a male in combat?
Survival of the Weakest Tournament 2019-01-27
Returning with a new poll series with celebrities chosen by you!
Gauntlet grand finale! 2018-12-25 (closed)
Lucy Pinder has won all three of the gauntlet series matches so far. Still, as the cage is finall...